Why invest on database cleansing or database validation services?

Data cleansing also called data scrubbing or database validation is the process of identifying, removing and updating inaccurate entries in a database.

Databases are often filled with incorrect and obsolete information. It is unproductive and cost-ineffective to dedicate the time of an experienced sales person to updating such a database.

Is your current database clean? Many of my clients who believed that acquiring a large database is enough for marketing or sales campaign have changed their mind after using our database cleansing services. After few discussions with them, I found that they already knew that 50% of their prospect database was inaccurate. While the sales group is always power user of the prospect database for their calling campaigns, they have very little time to maintain or keep the database current. Using the same database for marketing programs will not produce the results you are expect. When questions were raised about campaign effectiveness the issue came to a head as the results were poor.

Small and mid-sized companies have to rationalize the investment on CRM database cleansing. Why invest in database cleansing or database validation services? Here are the reasons why a clean duplicate-free and updated database is desired by all marketing and sales teams:

5 Reasons to Invest in Database Cleansing/Database Validation Services:

  • 50% reduction in sales prospecting time, decrease your sales cycle
  • High ROI from sales and marketing campaigns
  • 65% savings on resources from not chasing the wrong targets
  • High employee productivity
  • Easy segmentation of database for targeted marketing campaigns

The high cost of employing a full time team for prospect/customer database management is not affordable for small and midsized companies. They opt for outsourcing their database cleansing, scrubbing or validation services. Are you looking for database cleansing or database validation services? Request a free quote: https://www.amarketforce.com/contact-us/


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