White Paper/Whitepaper Syndication Services

Whitepaper Syndication Services

B2B content marketing, via whitepaper, case studies, presentations and reports, is one of the most cost-effective ways to leverage your marketing investment. Millions of technology solutions buyers looking for information on third-party sites can easily avail these documents through content syndication services and whitepaper syndication service.

Developing your Content Marketing Strategy?

It is important to establish a goal for your content marketing strategy before you kick-start the content syndication services with your marketing partners. Below are some of the content marketing goals that most of our clients are interested in:

Once you identify your goal, decide about the kind of content you have and where you want to promote. Then, you need to scheme out content marketing budget, syndication methods – paid/free, marketing partners and content repurposing strategy.

Why Content Marketing makes sense with aMarketForce?

Whitepapers are mostly used for B2B marketing as a promotional document to introduce the benefits and features of a technology or products/services. That is why white paper syndication services are quite popular among content marketers. A whitepaper has a mix of facts, statistics and logical arguments to indirectly build a positive assert for a company’s dominance over others. Similarly relevant and high quality documents and media files like PPTs, case studies, success stories, videos and reports can be creatively used for content marketing. Content promotion can be a valuable means of creating a targeted and opt-in contact list if done precisely. It is essential that the documents/content used for the campaigns be properly optimized and have a compelling call to action. Online marketing and content syndication services ensure that you filter out your target prospects from the larger audiences by embedding qualifying questions in the download/registration form. aMarketForce can help you in generating pre-qualified B2B leads through a mix of paid and free syndication, digital marketing, demand generation, email marketing and tele-calling techniques. We assert the benefits for technology companies to utilize a marketing services partner to manage outreach programs for developing relationships with their key prospects.

  • Content marketing helps save a lot of your sales team’s time with prospect qualification
  • Through syndication and digital promotion, your content is broadcasted to a much larger and targeted audience
  • Content-rich documents helps in asserting your company brand and credibility services.

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