What are the next steps once a company receives a good accurate contact list to call upon?

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February 8, 2018
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February 28, 2018
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Cold calling is a difficult task because yo do not know anything about your customer. You do not have any idea whether this call will be successful or not.

However, it is not the case when you make a call to the contact list.

Here, you know that the majority of the sale has been finished so far. What is needed is a gentle push.

Having said it, a large number of calls to prospective lead turn out to be unsuccessful. Let’s understand the reasons.

What makes a prospective lead call a failure?

Indeed, it is the inability of the sales people to make the follow-up call at the right time, but there are some other reasons as well.

Is it such a big problem? Yes, it is. You must be wondering that how can a sales representative miss to call upon a prospect?

The common problem is that the sales representative fails to establish a specific date and time forthe follow-up call.

Usually, the initial call is made religiously. Once, the interested person gets converted into an accurate prospect, the next call all the time is missed.

What should be the right approach so that after converting someone into a good, accurate prospect; you don’t miss the bus?

Here is the structured, step-by-step approach that can greatly help.

Don’t underestimate the follow-up call

It is a fact that the follow-up call is hundred times challenging than the normal call (or cold call as it is called).

If you want to start the sales cycle rolling fast, then pay complete attention to the follow-up call.

The sales representative should gather substantial information about the client. It is critically important to begin the relationship by manifesting value in the transaction.

Sharp sales managers spend adequate time in defining superb follow-up strategies and tactics because they know that it is absolutely vital to the success.

Keep commitment levels high

When you communicate with the good prospect, it is essential to show high spirits of commitment. Fix the appointment at the earliest possible date and show the eagerness to meet the customer.

It is always better to establish a personal communication (by talking to the prospect) instead of texting or communicating through the social media platform.

When you talk to the prospect personally, it builds an image of your company. This image building is the secret to success.

If the meeting doesn’t happen on the scheduled date due to any reason, then fix the subsequent date immediately. It is the right approach.

Send a reminder Email

Once the follow-up call is made and the meeting is scheduled, you must remind the buyer of the appointment.

The subject line of the mail should clearly convey the purpose of the meeting. Thus, even without opening the mail, your customer gets reminded.

The language of the mail should be clear, precise and formal. There should not be any ambiguity or confusion about anything.

Give the necessary hints about the general preparation if any, Sometimes, you expect that the buyer should read the product information beforehand.  You should inform the customer accordingly.

Build relationship and get remembered

Often companies fail to establish a relationship with the prospects. Do not forget to send a Thank You card.

It needn’t be an expensive card bought from some card gallery.

Just scratch a few words on a small piece of decorative paper stating that you are overwhelmed by the interest shown by the prospect.

Believe it; this small gesture of yours will create a great impact. Even if the prospect has some reluctance, you will get one chance for sure.

The card shows that you took the pains to do something different. Experts call it the ‘degree of equity’.

Persistence, politeness, and professionalism pays

In this case, your customer is almost 70 percent in your favor. Still, there is a room of 30 percent where he can change the mind.

Hence, the prospect has to be handled with care. Your sales representative has to behave professionally and politely.

Persistence is much needed because you have to show that you are concerned about your clients. However, there is a thin line between persistence and being a pest.

You should not become a matter of annoyance for them. Even if you are unable to connect after several attempts, you should not show the desperation in your voice tone.

Call on time and be a professional

It is incredibly important that you are punctual while making the follow-up call or meeting. Never late with it even for a minute!

It shows how serious you are about getting the deal through. The promptness and attitude reflect your professionalism and sincerity.

When you meet the prospects, you represent the company or brand. Others perceive your company, service, brand or product based on the approach shown by you. Hence, maintain decorum and decency.

Do not start the conversation with improper opening statements. You should be identified in a distinguished manner.

Good follow-up means good business deal

A good accurate contact list should be followed up well. Your client should be reminded of the purpose of calling. Some people feel that it is like returning to the first step of making a cold call.

In reality; it is the appropriate way to start the ball rolling. At this stage, the most critical thing is to review the things that your prospects are concerned with.

Secondly, it is the right time to talk about the product, service or brand.  Every salesperson is the brand ambassador.

Therefore, it makes a big difference how the case is carried forward.


It is quite clear that receiving a good accurate contact list will not do. It requires a lot of efforts to make it a success.

The way you handle the prospect gives you a distinctive edge. People recommend you to others when they are delighted with the services, not just satisfied.

Handle the follow-up process well and watch the sales figures reaching the rooftop.

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