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Been to our website recently?

The aMarketForce website has got a fresh new look, and it is much more focused on addressing problems that businesses face today.

Since it is our new-website-month it is seems apt that we blog this month on ‘Why a website needs a regular update’. Let us take a look at a few key areas that you need to consider before doing a website makeover.

Why makeover your website? Here are some benefits

    • Tighter focus on current markets
      • Focus on customers current issues
      • Make it easier to navigate
      • Make it easier to reach us
    • Better SEO – its time to do wholesale fixes
      • Fix the coding issues
      • Remove those extra tables
      • Make it Social – Add your Twitter, FB page links
      • Redo the meta tags
    • Add fresh content – Relevant SEO friendly content
      • Add new pages
      • Rewrite to add new target keywords
    • Increase Traffic – New traffic and new business
      • Promote the new website through PR, marketing campaigns

And some downsides:

  • Cost – Do you have a budget yet?
    • You need to hire a programmer or website development company
    • You need a resource to manage the project – else it will flounder
  • Additional work – Means extra hours
  • Rewriting the pages – Now you need a writer too
  • Redo SEO – Nightmare if Search engines no longer credits you for your years of SEO work
    • Redo the link building if links changes
  • Bottom line
    • Is it worth it? Yes, for the new business and better focus on your current key markets.
    • Is it easy? No.
    • Would we do it again? Definitely, as the markets shift and we need to change our focus.

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