Verified Contact Lists Generates Qualified Leads

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August 9, 2022
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Verified Contact Leads for Qualified Leads

There is a lot of buzz about Qualified Leads today. Every marketer talks about that. It is considered the key to all problems. Indeed, it is a crucial thing, but it is a fact that very few people know about its real potential.

When organizations want to take new customers on board, verified and qualified leads play a pivotal role. Therefore, it is important that proper processes are followed to acquire them.
Before we deep dive into the benefits of accessing qualified leads, let’s first know what is it and how does it boost your business?

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is one that has the potential of converting into a customer. A potential customer that meets all the criteria defined by you is called a qualified lead. So, there are two important aspects of it.
First is, the qualifying criteria. It is different from the standard criteria. It is specific and unique to your needs. Your business requires customers that have some specific qualities. Then only they will be your potential customers.

The second thing is these customers are ready to share their identifying information with you. It means, they willingly share the information with you.
So, cold prospects or purchased email lists will not be a part of it.
Typically, there are two types of qualified leads.

Marketing Qualified Leads

They are the potential leads that meet the least possible criteria to continue marketing in the anticipation of converting down the funnel. These customers will be passed to sales for verification.

Sales Qualified Leads

Once you have sufficient information to qualify a lead for sales, it is called Sales Qualified Lead. You find the lead valuable and therefore it is useful for you. Every organization has a unique definition to qualify a lead as a Sales Qualified Lead.

How does verified contact list generate qualified leads?

When you make a contact list, it has great business potential. A business process can get a positive push by a verified contact list. When you have a legitimate contact list, it will generate qualified leads. Not just that, it has several other benefits also.

Therefore, it is important to keep the customer database comprehensive and precise. There is no point in having a poorly maintained database.
The process that cleans customer data is called contact list validation. 100% authenticity can be maintained only if a systematic method of verifying and correcting data is followed. Also, you need a method to standardize the data.

There are many validation methods available. Which one will be used depending on your personal preference. However, once done, your sales and marketing team will make use of it so that qualified leads can be generated.

When you have a verified contact list, you go to the right customer

It is important to use resources optimally in the fiercely competitive business environment today. You can’t afford to tap leads that do not become customers. When the contact list is verified, you have less possibility of tapping an illegitimate customer. Your sales and marketing team would approach the right customer. Your communication will reach the right person.

Not only that, but you also make the database comprehensive. Yes, today when the majority of the organizations cannot answer confidently about it, you can do that. The fact is that 80 percent of efforts go waste because the data is incomplete and inaccurate.
Therefore, it is very important to have a verified contact list. It will generate leads.

There is no duplication of data

The verified contact list doesn’t have any duplication. Therefore, you do not contact the same lead again and again. Thus, the effectiveness is maintained.
With a validated contact list, there is practically no possibility of contacting a customer multiple times. You do not send a promotional communication to the same customer multiple times.
So, your sales team is happy.


Even the best sales and marketing experts also struggle with invalid contact information. The email addresses are stale sometimes, there are invalid or fake contact numbers, and duplication of data is there sometimes. All these things stop you from reaching the right prospects. Not only does it affects the morale of your sales team, but also wastes your money and effort.

A validated contact list directly solves all these challenges. It ensures that you collect and utilize valid contact information across the business. Contact validation helps you in building a sustainable data format. Thus, you get the information using a consistent data format.

With a valid and verified contact list you maximize the customer experience, make your sales and marketing team motivated, get more customers on board and increase the ROI of your company. When you reach the interested customer at the right time, it is very easy to convince him about your product or service.
That is the reason, you require a verified contact list.

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