The Role of Trade Shows and Conferences in B2B Lead Generation

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The Role of Trade Shows and Conferences in B2B Lead Generation

Are conferences and trade shows the right avenues to showcase your products in front of an audience? Well, more than 40 percent of marketing experts think that they are. In fact, they consider it the top channel for lead generation.

Trade shows are useful because you find a pool of like-minded prospects there. Thus, your marketing and sales team can have good success in tapping many customers. But, to get the best results, you need to prepare a bit for that.

When you are preparing for a trade show or conference and want to gather many customers, it is essential to be highly creative, resilient and organized.

The more effort you put into preparation for the event, the more leads you can get. The more conversions will be there and the higher is the Return on Investment.

It establishes a two-way communication channel

Why do B2B events like trade shows and conferences are considered the best for generating high-quality leads by experts? This is because they increase brand awareness by establishing a two-way communication.

If you use the conventional marketing channels, then it is a one-way delivery of information. When there is two-way information exchange, you establish a strong emotional connection between you and your potential customer.

Both online and offline events give good results, but offline events are better. It is because you meet your customers in person, which can give room for establishing a rapport.

The right event brings the right results

The first and most important consideration for choosing a trade show or conference is to choose one that is the most suitable for your business.

You will not prefer participating in an event where you need to spend thousands of dollars but that does not attract any visitor. It will put a huge cost impact on your balance sheet and the bottom line of the business will get stretched.

But when you choose the right event after research, it will bring bright results for your company. You need to spend some time in research.

Some aspects you need to concentrate on are what kind of people attended the show in the past.  Which companies had exhibits in the show? Does the target audience of the event match your selection criteria?

If yes, then you can anticipate a huge success from the event in the form of quality B2B trade show leads.

You get speaking opportunities

In a conference or trade show, you can participate in panel discussions, or you will host information sessions. All this will be done in front of an audience that you might not otherwise easily find.

Not just that, showcasing your business in front of such people will position you as a business leader in the field.

It will be beneficial for your brand, product, and company that you want to sell.

You know that the forum is not explicitly for selling your products. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to talk about you. When the audience is invited to your booth to learn more about what you offer, automatically many of them get converted into prospects and later actual customers.

You can convert leads of tradeshow using a follow-up campaign

Thus, the trade show plays a major role in adding to the customer base. You can organize a fast and responsive follow-up mechanism for that. It is possible to get help from agencies. There are several experts who bring the expertise of skilled agents who will reach out to these new prospects and give them the right questions to know how much they are interested in your brand, service, or product. These agents will ensure that the prospects are the best people you should communicate with.

If the contact person is not a decision-maker, then they will find the right person and then talk about you. Thus, the chances of getting a customer will increase. Also, it is an efficient way of marketing.

You can build the sales pipeline successfully by tapping these qualified leads. An assisted effort will be more effective and result oriented. The expertise of a consultant will give a boost to your efforts and make the decision to participate in an event, trade show, or conference successfully.


We have seen that there is a big role of online and offline events in bringing B2B leads. However, you need to follow certain steps to get the best out of it. First, you need to set specific goals. Parameters like lead number, rate of conversion and notice, etc. should be decided. Choose the right event. Do not miss any chance to meet your customers, whether it is through seminars, shows, quizzes, question-answer, and knowledge-sharing sessions, etc. Establish your company as a subject matter expert. It will increase your credibility in the market and among the prospective leaders.

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