The Marketing Trends of 2011 – A Summary

2011 saw many ups and downs in the market. The global economy in 2011 was all about recovery. And as the global economy was recovering, businesses planned their marketing budgets -smartly.

Here are the top 4 marketing trends we saw in 2011:

  1. Social Media at its Best (Tweets-to-FB )Social media marketing was strategic in 2011. B2B, B2C, small and big companies, all upped their social media priorities. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the top social networking sites where businesses made heavy dollar investments.
  2. Strategic Integrated MarketingEnd-to-end, integrated marketing was the mantra in 2011. Companies adopted a customer-centric integrated marketing approach (online and offline) to target customers with consistent messaging across all touch points. Online marketing strategies included email, SEO, PPC, blogs, social media, digital advertising and more. Offline marketing strategies included print, PR and TV. All integrated.
  3. The Boom in Mobile MarketingSmartphones, tablets and mobile advertising were the buzz words in the mobile world in 2011. More and more eCommerce websites, optimized for mobile devices, were introduced to better serve customers. Mobile marketing became an integral part of marketing strategy, especially for B2C companies. Mobile social media played a key role in this shift.
  4. One-shot to Lead NurturingCompanies have realized the benefits of continuous touches, nurturing and developing prospects intelligently. 2011 saw the most usage of marketing automation solutions for lead development, capturing, nurturing and scoring.

Did we miss any? Share your thoughts!

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