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January 11, 2018
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February 8, 2018
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There has been a paradigm shift in the way people market and sell their products today. The change is quite significant in B2B marketing because of the inherent nature of the business.

In a B2B business, your marketing skills are required to be incredibly strong to even survive in the marketplace, forget about growth.

Since everybody uses the Internet nowadays, your B2B venture is known to so many people even before you realize that they are watching.

In this situation, it is needless to say that a B2B market has to remain always on the toes if it aspires to be a market leader.

The Internet marketing strategy has to be the prominent strategy to achieve grand success. Make it part of your active marketing plan.

What is that stands apart Business-to-Business Marketing Differently?

B2B business is a different ball game.  Since the rules of the game are different here, you need to derive a different marketing strategy. Here are some reasons that make B2B marketing so special.

Extended sales cycle

In the B2B business, the sales & purchase cycle lasts longer (a few months or more). Therefore, different strategy and actions are required to market products and services to B2B prospective clients.

It depends on at what stage of lifecycle the prospects are currently in. The more mature is the product, the easy your marketing strategy will be.

Also, the selling propositioned in the B2B business also complex and different. It is important to put solutions in front of the buyers that can be differentiated based on value. Then only, buyers can make rational buying decisions.

When the differences in the products are complex, they need to be articulated well and delivered by using compelling and intelligent communication strategies.

B2B marketing is important because of complex products and services

B2B products are complex, and most of the times the product features are not clearly visible.

Hence, B2B marketing has to be intricate, subtle and technical to make the content persuasive and understandable to the users.

Moreover, you have limited buyers here, not like B2C where the customer size may reach thousands. Hence, it is quite obvious that they are harder to find.

Therefore, the product marketing strategy should touch and influence the right people to alter the buying decision.

B2B Marketing talks about different buying emotions

Don’t think that there is no role of buying emotions here because you are not targeting ‘live people’. Yes, your prospective buyers are businesses and not humans, but they are owned and operated by humans.

Therefore, you need to touch the emotions and motivators to win the trust of your buyers.

Experts say that BB Marketing requires more research as the risk of making or failing to materialize a buying decision is high.

When B2B marketers pitch a target customer after seeking more information and evaluating references accurately, there is a low risk of failure.

It is equally important to research alternative manufacturers, products or solution providers.

B2B marketing is always under pressure because of differential pricing

B2B pricing is different for every buyer and every sale.  Due to less standardization and uniformity, B2B marketing becomes critically important. Various specifications and aspects determine the selling price which takes enormous time to calculate the exact selling costs.

Hence, marketing managers need to involve with sales team more deeply than a BC business.

B2B Marketing has fewer research data points available

When you deal in B2C business, you do not have any research data points to assess or predict the success or failure of a product. Hence, the risk is high.

It needs huge money to get into product research and development in a BB business. Even after that, there is no guarantee that the results are accurate. Very few B2B companies enjoy that luxury.

It is the reason BB marketing is a tough nut to crack. However, with the help of modern tools, marketing managers can break the ice.

Ways to make B2B marketing effective

As mentioned earlier, B2B marketing is a tricky game. However, it is possible to achieve success by using the new-age tools like social media platforms. Social Media Network can become a powerful marketing tool to enhance your B2B business.

When you want to take your B2B business to heights, you should not skip any method of business promotion.

The more you promote it on the Internet, the better visible it will be.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are social media networks that are great sources of bringing potential clients to your business.

Even if all of these clients are not B2B clients, but still, you have an opportunity to tap some of them. No other media platform gives you such a nice opportunity of showcasing the business.

LinkedIn is an effective social media platform in building benefits your B2B business. It gives a great platform to connect with potential clients and partners.

Social media visitors are not just website visitors, but they are potential clients. They are more updated about the news and happenings in the niche. They are also aware of the promotional offers prevalent around.

Hence, they know about you better when you make use of social media platform to give information.

Social media helps in Link Building for your B2B business

Link building using social media is quite effective than pursued. If you implement well, then quite valuable traffic can be obtained from B2B sites using social media platforms.

Content shared on Twitter or Facebook may drive brand awareness. New clients come to know about your business.

When the content gets shared multiple times, new people know about it. Therefore, when you use the backlinking properly, the benefit gets multiplied. Appealing and sharable content can make wonders on social media platform.

When you don’t stand out differently, you are not likely to get a response from the viewers at all. Moreover, you need to showcase the business in front of large audience.

Social media gives a boost to the marketing activities so that you can grab the maximum eyeballs.

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