Success Stories

Here are selected success stories showcasing how we our customers have benefited from our B2B Marketing Services.

aMarketForce Provides Validated, Qualified Sales Leads to Client’s Internal Sales Team, Resulting in an Influx of Sales

A US-based supply chain solutions company was preparing to launch a new software product and was in dire need of business sales leads. With an internal sales team not large enough to handle this time-consuming task, aMarketForce was hired.

The internal sales team had identified verticals that would benefit from the new software solution, however, market-to-market sales and lead generation was critical, yet overwhelming. aMarketForce was engaged to develop a list of sales leads.

Responding to the quickly-approaching deadline, aMarketForce created a team of reliable agents, trained and educated them on the technology, product benefits and industry applications necessary to engage prospects. Because aMarketForce employs two shifts of workers, one during United States work hours and the other during US evening hours, the dedicated team was able to work across time zones, conduct appropriate research, and communicate with target companies and relevant contacts.

Armed with thorough knowledge of the market, the agents were able to turn conversations with prospects about supply chain problems into interest in the client’s new software solution.

aMarketForce was able to provide a detailed, validated, and qualified list of sales leads to the supply chain solutions company’s internal sales team.

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aMarketForce Recruits Attendees for Fortune 500 Company’s Seminar

A US-based Fortune 500 company was organizing a seminar on Information Technology issues and lacked the time and internal resources to complete the invitee outreach. aMarketForce was hired to complete this task.

Upon receiving this assignment and a basic list of target companies to invite, aMarketForce’s detail-oriented team developed an extensive database that included companies in the client’s target audience as well as detailed contact information for prospects at said companies.

The dedicated team of aMarketForce agents openly communicated with the prospects at each company, sending invitations to the seminar, responding to inquiries and, subsequently, reminding prospects of the seminar; all the while providing daily status updates to the client.

aMarketForce agents were able to meet aggressive deadlines with ease while ensuring their calls translated into a high number of attendees.

The IT seminar was a huge success and the Fortune 500 Company was able to build strong relationships with those attendees provided by aMarketForce.

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aMarketForce Delivers Valuable Market Research for Client’s Successful Product Launch

aMarketForce was assigned an extensive market research project for a world leader in auto electric components. The client requested detailed information on competing products, prevalent brands, buyer preferences and consumer behavior.

The project involved researching sales and service outfits of automotive products across North America and aMarketForce was given only a rudimentary list of companies and contacts. This list was deduped, updated with accurate information by aMarketForce’s research team.

aMarketForce’s telemarketing team then used this list to make effective calls cutting across time zones and reached important contacts at both the management and shop-floor levels. aMarketForce met strict deadlines and delivered a comprehensive report on the findings even when faced with the challenge of completing the interviews in multiple sessions due to constant interruptions on the interviewees’ end.

With invaluable market insight and vital information gathered from thousands of business decision makers, aMarketForce’s client was able to successfully launch its products.

The main differentiator of aMarketForce over other outsourcing companies is that aMarketForce hires highly-educated people and deploys only qualified and trained personnel to a client’s project.

aMarketForces’ agents develop and retain exceptional domain knowledge of clients’ products and services, which allows for a seamless transition of work from the client to aMarketForce. As a result, aMarketForce has been able to execute several successful market research campaigns for a variety of products including portable storage solutions, point-of-sale systems, and industrial consumables.

In addition to logging calls, aMarketForce agents are trained to ask the interviewees open ended questions to engage them in conversation providing insight into customers’ minds. As an additional benefit to clients, all interviews are recorded and transcribed verbatim providing further details of the conversations.

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aMarketForce Conducts Insightful Customer Opinion Survey for a Fortune 500 Company

aMarketForce was hired by a Fortune 500 engineering products company to conduct research on the company’s customers’ attitudes and opinions relating to their products, marketing campaigns, and sales techniques. Due to the nature of this project and the time-intensive research necessary, aMarketForce was the reliable and affordable choice to manage this project.

The client provided a list of the their customers and contacts and aMarketForce immediately trained and educated its telemarketing team on the client’s products, product functions, and applications. After the script was developed and tested, the agents were able to successfully reach the customers and contacts to obtain first-hand insights by engaging them with relevant, open-ended questions.

In addition to guiding customers to an online survey, agents were tasked with ensuring the customers participated and shared opinions openly and honestly in a timely manner.

When provided this invaluable customer opinion research, the Fortune 500 company was able to alter their sales and marketing techniques to better fit with its customers’ opinions and suggestions, thus improving its status with its customers.

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