Social Media Marketing

Companies are increasingly using social media to generate leads and establish brand identity and loyalty. Yet, companies find it difficult to keep up with technological advances in this area and developing and managing social media marketing in house is becoming a challenge.

aMarketForce’s social media marketing services:

Amarketforce is one of the leading providers of social media marketing services in Ahmedabad. We have carefully come up with a proprietary plan of action for our social media marketing division that allows our clients to boost their brand or business on leading social media platforms. We helped numerous companies achieve their goals in minimal delay. Thanks to their positive reviews, we became one of the leading social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad.

Running a business is impossible in the current connected age when a company doesn’t have a loyal audience. We can help you with that! All you would need to do is join hands with our specialized team of SMO experts.!

aMarketForce excels in social media marketing by:

  • Building fan communities in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. to increase brand loyalty.
  • Setting up online discussions which encourages learning and opens a free channel of communication for like-minded people.
  • Creating buzz to attract the attention of customers and prospects, promoting news, blogs, press releases and offers in a way that creates a sensation.
Social Media Marketing

aMarketForce helps clients with the following social media marketing activities:

  • Planning social media marketing strategy
  • Social network audit
  • Competitive analysis to understand social landscape in the client’s space
  • Selecting social network collaboration and monitoring tools
  • Integrating social media strategy with corporate marketing strategy
  • Social profile creation on different networks
  • Developing a community-building strategy
  • Content creation for stirring social buzz
  • Monthly analytics and reporting

aMarketForce Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

Five major metrics to judge social media marketing success

The biggest challenge faced by social media marketers is to effectively calculate marketing success by organizing all the analytical data available. aMarketForce suggests 5 important metrics which should be considered while judging social media marketing success.

  • Referral traffic – Amount of traffic sent to your website from social accounts
  • Conversion rate-Assessment of responses and comments on your posts
  • Total reach – Your total network of prospects and customers
  • Shares and likes – Gauging shares, likes, re-tweets and + 1st you receive for your posts.
  • Sales conversion – Leads, sales and revenue achieved through social media marketing activities.

Which social networking platforms are most preferred?

Social media marketing does have a great impact on the B2C industry and several success stories support this theory. B2B marketers are often concerned about the success of social media and are always looking for the best platforms where they can promote their B2B products or services. Listed below are some of the popular social networking platforms which have proved successful for aMarketForce’ B2B clients:

  • Facebook Marketing – Facebook has the largest market share in the social media world. This is why we help you convert scrolling users into your clients!
  • Twitter Marketing – Back in the day, Twitter only allowed its users to compose tweets within 140 characters. Thankfully that changed as the company now allows its users to compose a tweet of 280 characters long. Make the most out of this by availing our SMO services specially designed for Twitter. It will allow your company to get the boost it needs as we are capable of creating viral content as well as #hashtags that will ensure the message gets retweeted over and over again!
  • Instagram Marketing – We make the most out of creative and stunning visual content for our clients who prefer Instagram over other social media platforms. Instagram is indeed a unique way to increase the market share for your business as images and infographics grab more sets of eyeballs when compared to mundane textual content.
  • LinkedIn Marketing – We have a deep understanding of the fact that marketing on LinkedIn is a completely different approach. This is the reason why we have a dedicated team of marketing professionals that help us create content on behalf of our clients to ensure the unwavering trust is built for our client’s business in the eyes of people viewing our content in LinkedIn. Our unique LinkedIn marketing content comes with the ability to boost B2B sales thus allowing our clients to profit from in, in the long run!
  • Pinterest Marketing – Pinterest, next to Instagram, is also a great place to create hype for your business. The best part, it is yet to become saturated hence the scope for your business-related content to flourish here is pretty high. Make the most out of the viral pins that we will design and release on your behalf!
  • Youtube Marketing – Video marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to lure traffic, improve brand recognition as well as brand positioning. It is also an efficient way to increase the market reach for a business. This is the reason why we often ask our clients to avail Youtube marketing tactics developed in our creative studio. We will help you to not only gain lots of views but also ensure that content creation, editing, replying to comments and related heavy lifting are also done by us. Make the most out of our tried and tested viral video strategies today!

Other key factors that make our SMO services a class apart from our rivals –

    • Our storytelling approach is unique from the rest.
    • We are blessed to have lots of creative individuals in our content creation department.
    • We manage your social media profiles on your behalf.
    • We monitor the overall analytical data of each social media page dedicated to the business of our clients in real-time.
    • We are capable of running successful social media marketing and promotional campaigns.
    • We use none but the latest social media marketing tools and trending techniques.

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