SEO (Search engine optimization) for high tech companies

Marketing high tech products online has different challenges than the marketing of other products. There are certain strategies that need to be used when appealing to technical buyers that do not apply to other industries.

Special SEO Considerations for High Tech Companies


When trying to promote high tech products the company often has to convey a technical message. The problem that this poses for SEO is that the buyer would have to enter a very specific term into a search engine in order to find the product that the business is marketing. One technique that can be used to address this is to convert the technical message into a simpler one – sounds easy, but it requires nuanced skill to do this effectively. This simplified message should still contain all the details that the buyer requires, but could include terms that would be more likely to be used in an online search.

The content that is written for SEO purposes when used for a high tech company should also be written in a different manner than would be used in other types of industries. The nature of the companies and the products that they manufacture means that the content is likely to be highly technical and therefore quite complicated.

While most people searching for a high tech product website will probably have enough understanding of the product to be able to digest this content, the site will also need to cater to visitors who might not have the same level of understanding. A balance needs to be found between conveying all the information that customers need with presenting the information in a clear, easy to understand manner.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing SEO Work For High Tech Companies?

People who work for high tech companies have excellent knowledge of the products that they sell and they are able to explain how these products work and the benefits to the buyer. While this area of expertise is core for the company, only a professional SEO service will be able to translate this knowledge into website content and ready it for internet searches in order to attract potential buyers. SEO work is not as easy as it may first appear and if not done properly, the company will never rate high on searches. Outsourcing SEO work allows the high tech company to concentrate on developing products, increasing revenue and growing their company, something that they do best. Increased efficiency is another popular reason to outsource SEO work to a professional company.

SEO companies employ experienced staff who are able to work in a fast and efficient manner. They can take immediate action in optimizing a website. This is even more important for a high tech company, because the industry is so fast paced. It can be expected that the company’s competitors will be using SEO techniques on their own website so it is essential that the business is able to keep up with this competition.

High tech companies often struggle with SEO even when they outsource this important task. Some SEO companies fail to take in the specific considerations that high tech companies have in this area. At aMarketForce we know better, we share our knowledge and expertise on this important topic. To get in touch, click here.

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