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aMarketForce offers an efficient recruitment outsourcing model for staffing companies as well as all sizes of direct clients. Whether you are trying to recruit 100s of customer service professionals, launching a new location or product, or foresee a spike in demand for your company’s services — you need talent and you need it quickly to keep your business moving.

In today’s challenging labor market, you will face talent crunch, skill gaps and increased competition. Your team may not only be tasked with keeping up with the recruitment, but retention, skill set development and employee engagement as well — and with fewer resources to get it done.

For Staffing Companies & Recruitment Agencies:

Hire experienced IT/Non-IT recruiters to cater your clients’ needs. Based on your outlined specifications, aMarketForce will assign a dedicated resource or a team that will work from our offshore delivery center in India to meet your requirements.

aMarketForce Value Addition:

  • Average 40% cost savings
  • Freedom from managing in-house recruiters
  • Off-Hour sourcing support
  • Recruiters with ready to use infrastructure setup

OnDemand / Project Based Outsourcing:

Regardless of the industry, all organizations experience fluctuations in hiring need, from times when hiring slows down or halts completely, to times when hiring spikes at an accelerated pace. aMarketForce’s OnDemand staffing solutions can be the right fit if your organization is struggling to meet a sudden need for talent.

aMarketForce Value Addition:

Our team of highly trained recruiters will find the right talent based on your requirements and align their interview with your hiring managers. As soon as you’re ready, the selected resource or a team can start working on your projects from aMarketForce’s offshore center in India.

Benefits of OnDemand Recruitment Services:

  • Access to a readily available pool of experienced resources
  • Quickly address urgent hiring needs
  • Access to various talent platforms
  • Eliminate the day-to-day hiring/managing hassles
  • Scalability

Selecting the right RPO model depends on your company’s immediate challenges and long-term goals. Connect with us to discuss best possible solution for your recruitment needs.

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