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June 19, 2021
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Lead generation is the essence of any given business. You cannot run a business if you aren’t focusing on acquiring new customers. Previously, lead generation was limited to traditional resources; however, things have changed with time.

Today, there are several methods for lead generation like social media campaigns, marketing, and search optimization. However, a majority of entrepreneurs consider emails to be the best form of lead generation.

When we look at it broadly, lead generation can be classified into two categories: quality or quantity. No matter the category, lead generation is a massive investment. In 2019 almost $2.6 billion was spent just on digital lead generation.

This piece guides you through a walkthrough of the Quality vs. Quantity B2B lead generation process; let’s get started!

Quality vs. Quantity B2B Lead Generation

In the lead generation process, any company’s marketing department believes in generating more leads (quantity); the sales department will focus on increasing the number of qualified leads (quality).

Many brands prefer spending their resources on proper brand awareness and brand image.

These include investing in campaigns and having a heavy sales and marketing budget. Such lead generation processes end up giving benefits like cheaper products, discounts and offers. This process is used for increasing quantity lead generation.

However, quantity lead generation can be disappointing. Almost 8% of the entrepreneurs pursuing quality lead generation state that these turn out to be of poor quality.

On the other hand, quality lead generation is attaining qualified leads by catering to a smaller audience – the target audience who fit your product criteria and are willing to buy.

Quality lead generation has a major advantage. It allows them to understand the market, collect enough information about their customers and their needs. This will help them to cater to these needs.

The advantage of this method is that it gives you a much higher rate of conversion than in quantity B2B lead generation. Also, quality lead generation can help you save money on sales and marketing budgets.

Studies report that companies are preferring quality lead generation over quantity. Almost 70% of the entrepreneurs choose quality lead generation over quantity.

Ensure that you always consult good B2B lead generation services to back your decision.

Which Method of Lead Generation should I focus on?

While you can always choose both, like the B2B lead generation services in San Jose or the B2B lead generation services in California; it is best if you can implement both of the methods together. Experts believe in implementing, strategizing, testing, examining, and observing both quality and quantity lead generation processes simultaneously to determine which lead generation to choose or if both the processes can come in handy for their enterprise.


To conclude, we can say that both quality and quantity B2B lead generation has its advantages and disadvantages. So every entrepreneur should weigh the pros and cons and then choose the lead generation which provides maximum benefits to their company. Remember, both Quality and Quantity leads play a significant role in developing your business. Only a good B2B lead generation company can help you scale your business.  

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