All too often businesses lose customers because their sales team is busy and are unable to respond promptly to web-inquiries. It's like customers knocking on your door with questions. If you don't respond, they go elsewhere.

All too often businesses lose important customers and sales because their internal team is too busy to respond immediately, if at all.

Pre-Sales Support is responsible for supporting the sales process right from website sign-up to the placement of an order. Inbound Pre-Sales Support involves educating and selling to potential customers by providing technical and non-technical assistance to inbound enquiries.

aMarketForce's Inbound Pre-Sales Response Management service provides clients with a friendly and well-informed team of agents who will respond to all customer inquiries ranging from information requests, sales calls and intention to purchase. aMarketForce's agents assist current and/or potential customers from anything as simple as an information request resulting from an event, marketing campaign or website visit to something as important as the placement of a sales order.

aMarketForce operates on the belief that a simple inquiry can lead to a sale. Therefore, all inquiries are important and will be responded to by someone with the right domain knowledge to provide the customer with useful and appropriate information in a timely manner.

Our aim is to create a friendly and approachable customer relationship without the need for hard sale tactics.

The Inbound Pre-Sales Support services include:

  • Product Inquiry management (Phone, Website, Email, Chat)
  • Order taking
  • Sales processing
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling
  • Documentation and payment inquiries

Contact us to know more about our Inbound Pre-Sales Support services and how we can support your sales and marketing team.