Need help filling the sales pipeline? You need a constant supply of good leads, supported by strong marketing efforts and efficient support services. aMarketforce can help.

aMarketForce is a marketing and sales services company that leverages the power of the internet to provide critical back office support to clients from its Center of Excellence.

With services running the gambit from demand generation, marketing campaigns, market research, customer and technical support, aMarketForce is a reliable business partner that adds value to an organization and provides trained, trustworthy support for a business’ internal staff.

aMarketForce’s services include:

Custom Data Solutions

The Prospect Database Development service ensures that clients get a ready-to-use pre-qualified and validated prospect lists to provide to their sales forces.

The Customer Database Validation service scrubs clients’ existing databases to replace incorrect contacts, update outdated contact information, validate prospects, and ensure a uniform format database, thus making it a current, accurate and valuable sales asset.

The B-to-B Lead Generation service ensures clients have a consistent and reliable resource for lead generation. aMarketForce’s team performs a variety of telephone, email and research-intensive tasks for prospect identification, qualification and appointment setting.

aMarketForce’s Lead Nurturing services are designed towards creating a viable mechanism for uninterrupted channel of communication with your warm as well as cold prospects and ensuring that no lead go dud.

aMarketForce’s Event Recruitment and event marketing services can ensure the ideal contacts are notified well in advance and, more important, attend your event.

Digital Marketing Services

The Search Engine Optimization SEO service assists clients who want their website to be ranked high on the leading Search Engines. aMarketForce SEO specialists are well-acquainted with how search engines crawlers work. Realistic, achievable goals are set for each keywords/phrases based on client requirements.

aMarketForce’s talented and experienced PPC campaign management team can create and manage your PPC accounts. We create ad content, set bids, monitor click rate and make necessary changes to ensure you have a secure high position on the Search Engine result pages under sponsored ad links.

aMarketForce Blogging service supports clients in asserting their company brand and online presence. Blogging is an effective way of collecting prospects and customer’s feedback, steering direct means of communication and increasing SEO effectiveness.

The Social Media Marketing service helps clients in creating buzz to attract customers and prospect’s attention. aMarketForce promotes news, blogs, press releases and offers in such a way that it creates a prominent buzz in social network around your fan communities.

The Email Marketing service provides clients with beginning-to-end follow-through for any email campaign including press releases, event announcements, special offers and newsletter circulation. aMarketForce will target your opt-in prospects and engage them until they are ready for a sales meeting with the client.

The Website Management service assists clients with the management and upkeep of their Website (s). aMarketForce’s experienced team of web developers serve as a seamless extension of a client’s sales, marketing and communications departments and ensure the client’s website is up-to-date and representative of the business.

Strategic Marketing and Research Services

aMarketForce’s diligent and knowledgeable market research agents can provide clients with regular updates on new product announcements, product pricing comparisons, customer opinions and satisfaction, competitors’ positioning, current and future market trends, and much more.

aMarketForce designs and executes statistically designed end-to-end customer surveys and then analyzes the data collected, coming up with valuable information that you might have missed.

aMarketForce’s Vertical (Competitor) and Horizontal (Industry) News Tracking services provide clients with weekly detailed updates on market trends, industry changes and competitors’ news.

The Content Writing services helps clients’ with content marketing strategy by developing content for your website, blogs and technical documents such as user manuals, installation manuals, training manuals and more.

aMarketForce’s Mobile Marketing services includes mobile website development and mobile apps development for marketing and sales.

CRM and Marketing Automation Services

aMarketForce offers a wide range of CRM services that helps our clients strategize and accomplish their customer relationship management objectives. aMarketForce helps in CRM implementation, developing and integrating custom applications for enhanced customer support and CRM database management.

aMarketForce’s CRM Database Cleansing service ensures that your existing CRM databases are accurate and reliable.

aMarketForce’s Marketing Automation services help clients in marketing automation solution selection, implementation, training, integration with CRM or other systems, campaign execution, MA optimization and management services.

End-to-end campaign management services offers complete set of services for managing B2B multi-touch marketing campaigns.

Inbound Help Services

The Inbound Pre-Sales Support service provides clients with the relief of knowing a friendly and component team of agents will respond to any customer inquiries relating to information requests or intention to make a purchase.

The Inbound Technical Support Services or L1 and L2 Support service provides technical support services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Providing 24/7 support to clients’ end-customers results in satisfied and happy consumers because they receive trained, competent help, friendly customer service agents, and faster response times.

The Inbound Customer Support Services offering support to your customers over phone, IVR, email and chat. Our agents have multilingual expertise to support your customers located around the globe.

Contact us to learn more about our B2B marketing services and how we can support your sales and marketing department.