V-Soft Creates Marketing and Sales Services Subsidiary, aMarketForce


Saratoga, CA – February 4, 2008 : V-Soft, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based product engineering, IT, and marketing and sales services provider announced today that it has spun off its highly successful marketing and sales services business unit into a separate company. This company will now be known as aMarketForce.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of V-Soft, aMarketForce will offer inside sales, marketing, and knowledge services to large companies as well as to the SMB segment. With state-of-the-art services delivery and process support facilities in India the company will continue to expand and upgrade these under its new identity.

“We are very excited about defining a unique identity and brand identity. aMarketForce has inherited our parent company’s customer-focused culture and philosophy and will take it to the next level”, said MR. Ashwin Vora, CEO of aMarketForce. “We have enormous traction in the hi-tech segment and SMB markets, and are looking to expand into other industry segments. Our mission is to deliver end-to-end marketing services to customers who are focused on their core business and derive the many benefits of outsourcing.”

“Our marketing and sales services business has experienced tremendous growth. Looking ahead, we see further expansion in this area,” said Mr. Ashwin Vora CEO of V-Soft and Chairman, Board of Directors, aMarketForce. “It is therefore important to give aMarketForce its independent identity. With a singular focus on serving our customers’ marketing and sales support needs, we will achieve greater efficiencies and pass the savings back to our clients via enhanced services.”

aMarketForce has been working with high tech start-ups in Silicon Valley and across North America. Representative customers include companies such as Yahoo!, Chemtura, Stanford University, Frost and Sullivan, Honeywell, and Novadigm (now HP).

About aMarketForce

aMarketForce is a silicon valley company that serves as the back office support for sales and marketing departments of US-based companies.

aMarketForce specializes in providing critical services required for increasing revenue and maximizing shareholder value. Operating from its offshore centers allows aMarketForce to provide its clients high value at low costs. aMarketForce accepts complete project responsibility, builds team around its customers’ domain, and provides unparalleled returns that translate into win-win situations.

aMarketForce’s services cover all aspects of marketing communications such as database development, lead generation, marketing campaigns, market research, web site maintenance, customer and technical support. aMarketForce serves as a reliable business partner that adds value to an organization and provides competent, trustworthy support.

Additional information about aMarketForce can be found at www.amarketforce.com. feel free to email us your requirement at info@amarketforce.com – Read more about V-Soft, Inc. at www.v-softinc.com