aMarketForce to offer integrated database validation services such as database cleansing, database scrubbing, email appending, mailing list appending, database verification, de-duplication, and CRM data integration services.

aMarketForce, a leading provider of B2B marketing services and business email lists services announced today that it is positioned now to offer end-to-end Integrated Database Validation and Maintenance Services. aMarketForce’s Integrated Database Validation Solution includes database cleansing, database scrubbing, email appending, mailing list appending, database verification, de-duplication, and CRM data integration services.

Prospect databases are often filled with incorrect and out-of-date information. With 20-30 % general industry attrition rate, 20% of your database gets out dated in every quarter, 5% of the database has incorrect phone numbers or email addresses. More than 5% of the database has missing information. In short, databases get dirty very soon and database hygiene is a major concern for companies doing serious marketing campaigns.

Marketing and sales groups, who are power users of the prospect/customer databases have very little time to maintain or keep the databases current. It is inefficient and cost-ineffective to dedicate the time of an experienced sales executive to updating such a dirty database. Using a poor database for marketing and sales programs is a waste of money as it does not produce the expected results. aMarketForce’s Integrated Database Validation Solution has helped companies clean their databases and update it with valid information.

aMarketForce has a strong team of database analysts, web researchers and tele-callers; efficient in handling large business databases and lists validation. aMarketForce’s integrated database validation service can scrub clients’ existing databases to replace incorrect contacts, update contact information, validate targets, and ensure a uniform format, thus making it a current, correct and valuable sales asset. Email addresses and mailing addresses are also appended making sure your email and mailing campaigns are successful.

“We recommend that companies use the aMarketForce Integrated Database Validation Solution once every quarter to keep their databases current,” said Ashwin Vora, CEO of aMarketForce. “Our CRM expertise is an added advantage. We can upload your database onto a CRM software of your choice and customize the system for relevant reports that you will need to run your business.”

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About aMarketForce

aMarketForce, the marketing subsidiary of V-Soft, Inc., is a Silicon Valley company that provides marketing, sales and customer support to growth focused companies. aMarketForce’s services cover all aspects of marketing communications such as prospect database development, database pre-qualification, database validation, scrubbing and cleansing, lead generation, email campaign management, market research, SEO services, PPC campaign management, website maintenance, inbound support – customer support, technical support, pre-sales/post-sales, and virtual assistant services. aMarketForce serves as a reliable business partner that adds value to an organization and provides competent, trustworthy support.The company specializes in providing its clients with critical sales, marketing and support services required for increasing revenue and maximizing shareholder value. Operating from its offshore centers allows aMarketForce to provide its clients high value at low costs. aMarketForce accepts complete project responsibility, builds team around its customers’ domain, and provides unparalleled returns.

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