aMarketForce, a leading provider of B2B lead generation services announced today that a leader in telecommunications and wireless equipment has selected them for whitepaper syndication of their cutting edge technology. The Canada-based company was looking for a content syndication services company who would generate enterprise leads in the US by promoting their technical whitepaper.

The client will use aMarketForce’s inside sales resources to call on a prospect list and generate pre-qualified leads by offering the technical whitepaper. The whitepaper used for this syndication campaign is about enterprise mobile solutions. The client expects aMarketForce to generate a minimum of 50 leads a week. aMarketForce has been successfully generating such leads and building sales relationships for its other clients by distributing white papers through a combination of digital marketing and telecalling.

“Developing relationship and nurturing your prospects is important in every sales cycle. It makes a lot of sense for technology companies to hire a marketing services company to do an outreach program like whitepaper syndication and start developing relationships with their key prospects. Companies can save a significant amount of effort and cost in prospecting and lead generation through syndication. Content syndication is one of our value-added B2B lead generation services and we highly recommend it to technology companies.” said Ashwin Vora, aMarketForce’s CEO.

The aMarketForce B2B lead generation service guarantees consistent and ongoing quality lead flow. The team performs an array of telephone, email and research-intensive tasks for prospective lead identification, qualification and appointment setting. aMarketForce offers content syndication services through digital marketing and calling. Digital Syndication helps in filtering out target prospects from the larger audiences by embedding qualifying questions in the download/registration form. Whitepaper syndication through calling can be a valuable means of generating a qualified and opt-in prospect lead list when done correctly. For more information about aMarketForce B2B lead generation services and whitepaper syndication services email us at

About aMarketForce

aMarketForce is a Silicon Valley-based company that provides sales, marketing, customer support, and technical writing & documentation services to growth companies. Sales support and B2B marketing services include database validation, scrubbing and cleansing, prospect database development and pre-qualification, as well as B2B lead generation. Marketing services include marketing automation services, email campaign management, market research, survey services, SEO services, PPC campaign management, and website maintenance. Customer Support services include inbound support- L1 and L2, pre-sales/post-sales, customer and technical support. aMarketForce helps you with your marketing automation strategy from software selection, implementation, training, integration with CRM or other systems, campaign management, and marketing automation support services.Additional information about aMarketForce can be found at For further inquiries call at 408-342-1700 or email at