aMarketforce, a marketing services company announced the successful launch of its technical support center based at its India facility. aMarketForce has set up this center to service its US clients who struggle with the high cost of providing round-the-clock tech support to their customers. Leveraging the skilled engineering resources available in India and taking advantage of the 12-hour time difference, aMarketForce has established a 50-seat center in India with highly skilled technical resources trained to communicate with US customers remotely 24 X 7.

aMarketForce has put together the infrastructure, team, and processes to offer Level 1 and 2 technical support. This team based in the company’s Ahmedabad, India delivery center will support its clients’ customers via phone, email and chat.

“aMarketForce has been providing services to US clients for over five years now. We have established a dedicated team at our India facility, to carry out an array of sales and business development activities for our clients. This new service is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our clients. In addition to our outbound prospecting calls, we now provide inbound customer support calls,” said Ashwin Vora, CEO of aMarketForce.

aMarketForce’s 24 X 7 support services are designed to help clients with the task of responding to repetitive and time-consuming inbound questions, information requests, basic troubleshooting, and problem solving. This significantly reduces the time engineers spend on these issues leaving them with time to provide valuable services to their clients.

This service is invaluable in that it offers clients the relief of knowing that a trained, knowledgeable, and efficient team of agents will respond to customer support inquiries as well as intent to buy. Customers receive competent help, friendly customer service agents, and faster response times.

aMarketForce’s offers L1 and L2 technical support services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

About aMarketForce

aMarketforce is a Silicon Valley company that provides sales and marketing services to US companies.

It specializes in providing critical services required for increasing revenue and maximizing shareholder value. Operating from its offshore centers allows aMarketForce to provide its clients high value at low costs. aMarketForce accepts complete project responsibility, builds team around its customers’ domain, and provides unparalleled returns that translate into win-win situations.

aMarketForce’s services cover all aspects of marketing communications such as database development, lead generation, marketing campaigns, market research, web site maintenance, customer and technical support. aMarketForce serves as a reliable business partner that adds value to an organization and provides competent, trustworthy support.

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