Maximize ROI with verified B2B contact lists

Generate Leads using ABM Content Syndication
Generate Leads using ABM Content Syndication
July 11, 2022
B2B Content Syndication to Boost Demand Generation
B2B Content Syndication to Boost Demand Generation
August 9, 2022
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ROI and verified B2B contact lists

If we look into the very basic aspect of the B2B contact list, then it is the contact detail of a lead or prospect. He is actively interested in the product or service offered by you. This information is derived from various reliable data sources.

B2B contact list helps a business to pinpoint the a journey of the buyer and contact him just at the right moment. It increases the possibility of adding one more customer to the existing list of customers.

When you want to reach out to buyers, it is quite useful. You do not waste time and energy in customers that are not interested in your business.

Why do you need a proper B2B contact list?

You imagine a situation when you are setting up a marketing campaign. It is for pushing the new service or product that you have conceived recently. Your sales and marketing team burn their midnight oil to set things up. But this is only half the work done.

Then your sales force and marketing managers start following up customers. They want to reach out to every possible prospect. However, the majority of these calls will not bring any success because a lot of people are not interested in your services or products.

It is quite a frustrating scenario. And it causes a dent in the profitability as well. You will incur resources heavily without generating any business.

Approaching your prospects in an unsystematic manner is not going to help anyway. You will not get much success in acquiring customers.

Now imagine the other situation. After setting up a marketing campaign, your sales, and marketing team approach with customers who are not only interested in your services or products but have made up their minds to buy them.

It is obvious that you will have a higher conversion rate. And the ROI will also be higher than your expenditure.
Therefore, it is evident that you will be missing out big time if you do not use a properly made B2B contact list.

You put the right content to the right people

When there is a verified B2B contact list, you work in a focused manner. As you create content for your prospective clients, you try to be as precise as possible. Especially, in the case of B2B, you need to take care because the customer is a business organization. Hence, the information should be specific.
With a well-verified B2B contact list, you are sure that the customers you are approaching are the most suitable ones. And the content you are offering is relevant and meaningful. Your content gives every bit of information your clients are searching for.

When it happens, you win the race.

To make the content useful, you can use content syndication. It is a strategic tool that you can use as a medium to showcase your content in front of appropriate B2B clients who want to read it. Email is a popular medium to syndicate content. Experts say that it is more effective than other methods.
A well-crafted personalized campaign is quite useful. You may opt for dedicated syndication platforms also.

Always go for quality data

You need a verified B2B contact list imaginable with every possible business, which is carefully segmented and verified. Plus, it should have key data points, e.g., firmographic, or technographic details.

You should connect with a service provider that specializes in the top-quality, first-party contact lists. It should be verified so that you are assured of good results. Regardless of the type of customer or prospect, you always get the leads you want to have.

The service provider hired by you should have content syndication campaigns that will tell you who is interested in the content syndication campaign.


One of the most basic uses of a verified B2B contact list is getting new customers on board. When you tap the prospects using a well-researched and verified B2B contact list, there is a high possibility of tapping the most customers. You can reclassify the remaining leads into respective stages of the buyer’s journey.

You should always keep in your mind that the data quality has to be high. Each contact in the list is valuable. Some will need more effort to convert into a customer, whereas some will get easily convinced. When you approach customers using a verified database, you avoid the risks of misclassification of leads. You are not turned down by the leads outrightly. And there are no ineffective nurturing approaches.
It is essential to put effort to maximize the ROI in the fiercely competitive business scenario. You have to ensure that you tap customers pinpointedly.

Last, but not least, you should use the internet data you have to craft a nurture stream. It will guide you the prospects in every stage of the buyer’s journey. The important thing is that appropriate content will be delivered at the appropriate step.

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