Marketing Trends for 2014–Predictions by aMarketForce (B2B Marketing Company)

Every year new tools and technologies shift the yearly marketing strategies to a new direction. In 2013 aMarketForce made few marketing trends predictions and this year we are back with our new list. Here are the top 4 trends marketers should watch out this year.

  1. Content marketing will rule
    1. Focus should be on creating more and more unique content for targeted audiences
    2. You will need a dedicated content marketing team
    3. Social marketing team will play an important role in content promotion
    4. Create content that can be refocused on not only prospects but also existing customers.
  2. You need end-to-end integrated digital marketing strategy – 2013 and now 2014
    1. Search engines are still changing their algorithms daily making it more and more difficult for companies to just depend on SEO.
    2. You need a mix of social, email, search engine and lead gen campaigns for demand generation.
  3. Plan out the event calendar
    1. Face to face meet ups and events will again peek up in 2014 as companies try to increase real time interaction with targeted prospects
  4. Time to make most out of all the technologies
    1. Companies who have already invested in CRM, marketing automation software and other marketing tools will need to focus on making most use of all these investments and garnering the benefits.
    2. CMOs will be taking some tough decisions to manage 2014 marketing costs.
  5. Increase in visual marketing
    1. More and more image based marketing will thrive using Infographics and other relevant images on sites like Instagram and Pinterest
    2. Video marketing will continue to play a major role with more and more smartphone users getting easy access to video sites. Video adverting will also increase in 2014.

What do you think about these marketing predictions? We always are looking forward for feedback from our readers. For more information about aMarketForce marketing services, email us at

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