Marketing Trends for 2013–Predictions by aMarketForce (B2B Marketing Company)

Like every year most marketing trends this year are more of the same, but a few will surprise you.  aMarketForce predicts the top 5 marketing trends leading to marketing perfection and revenue growth that large and mid-sized businesses will follow this year.

  1. Past marketing trends will change
    1. Real-time marketing through social media and real-time engagement with prospects will gain importance.
    2. Marketing automation will not be enough without proper alignment between sales and marketing teams.
    3. Outbound campaigns will be a challenge and inbound marketing will give better results.
    4. Marketing is now liable for revenue growth and so all investments made will be thoroughly tracked for ROI.
  2. Responsive or Mobile Websites
    1. Prospects/Customers will not spend time in navigation and scrolling on the websites. A responsive website is a good option as it adjusts website layout based on mobile devices, PCs or laptops.
    2. With Smartphone usage increasing every year, ecommerce companies undoubtedly will need mobile websites.
  3. End-to-End Digital Marketing –SEO alone will not cut it
    1. Search Engines are changing their algorithms daily making it more and more difficult for companies to just depend on SEO.
    2. SEO will have to be more focused on content optimization and content promotion.
    3. End-to-end internet marketing practices will be imperative if a company is to survive the competition in 2013: reliance on SEO, targeted email marketing, social marketing, blogging etc. will increase.
  4. Smart Social Networking
    1. Social networkingwill be closely integrated with digital marketing practices and will have a special place in internet marketing strategy.
    2. Social media content from Twitter and Linkedin will impact SEO
  5. Visual Marketing
    1. Last year Pinterest and Instragram revealed the importance of image marketing in the digital marketing space: Pinterest will bring Twitter-like revolution in 2013.
    2. Video marketing through Youtube and other video sharing sites will continue to play a major role in digital marketing.

What do you think about these marketing predictions? We always are looking forward for feedback from our blog readers. For more information about aMarketForce marketing services, email us at

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