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With the developments in marketing tech, it has become significant for businesses to embrace marketing automation for the greater good. Having been recognized as a potential marketing element, automation is likely to become the bright future of marketing. Well, if you haven’t started yet, you will have to probably soon get your hands on marketing automation services. Here we have listed some significant marketing automation trends that are crucial enough that every marketer should keep up with it while devising their strategies to keep an edge in the industry.

Power up with Advanced AI

Integration of artificial intelligence with automation marketing has opened new doors to power up your marketing game. The enhanced application of AI in varied aspects of automation marketing is one of the most prominent trends that is going to change the future of automated marketing.

By harnessing the potential of AI, you will be able to track and analyze user behavioral patterns which will help to pitch personalized content at different stages of a buyer’s journey, power up chatbots interaction with users leading to smarter responses, automate email campaigns as in automating subject lines and sending push notifications.

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Consumers are now looking for a seamless experience across an array of channels. For successful marketing, marketers now need to adopt the omnichannel approach and need to implement their strategies on multiple channels which includes social media, email, content, and mobile marketing. Devising marketing strategies keeping multiple channels in mind in very important as that helps you to target the right user at the right time on the right platform. You are providing a consistent experience across all the channels that the user is likely to use. This would lead to effective engagement and sales boost. Also, this tactic is going to be greatly helpful in boosting brand awareness while you are availing end-to-end demand generation services.

Enhance your Personalization Game

The impact of addressing personally cannot be undermined. Instead of marketing the same thing to everyone, marketing automation allows you to add a pinch of personalization while you connect with your customer. Certain marketing automation tools like Optimizely and Adobe Target let you analyze customer behavior through social listening and previous purchase history. Based on the analysis, you can create personalized content and enhance your relationship. For instance, if your customer has availed a particular service, you would just send them information regarding that service and not spam their inbox with the tips and details regarding every other services.

Predictive Lead Scoring

We cannot deny the fact that not all leads will be ready to make a purchase at any given time which makes it significant to qualify leads and pursue only the potent ones. However, taking up the task of lead qualification manually is quite a time consuming and redundant. This is where marketing automation comes into play with predictive lead scoring.

Predictive lead scoring is a process of identifying potential leads by assigning a specific score to each lead based on parameters like behavioral data, demographics, blog posts, personal data, and social information. After knowing the qualified leads, the sales team could nurture them and share the right data with the right people through the right channel.

Prevalence of Consumer Skepticism with a Human Touch

Using automated responses to woo customers was a thing of past. Since automated responses have taken over and are being implemented everywhere, customers have now become skeptical about the significance of it. And owing to that, it could do more harm to your business than good.

When a prospect has interest in purchasing your product, they no more expect outdated, scripted answers by the chatbots. Customers seek more information and love when it is presented in detail with a human touch. To fulfill this, the latest automation trend suggests that you should be strategically implementing responses to your customers by precise lead scoring and give them a feel as if they are getting all the personal attention from dedicated customer personnel at your organization. The key is to dig deeper and put your AI-powered system at work to respond humanely.

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