Make no mistake: DOs and DON’Ts of Content Marketing

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February 5, 2015
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October 1, 2015
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Wondering if your content marketing strategy is right on track? Listed are some of the Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing Strategy that aMarketForce recommends:


DOs of Content Marketing

  • Creating a strategy with a realistic goal

Most companies fail in their content marketing strategy only because they don’t have enough vision to set the realistic goals. Some of the goals that could be achieved through content marketing include brand awareness or reinforcement, lead generation and nurturing, customer conversion, customer service and retention, building a subscriber base.

  • Focusing on quality content 

Content is the king. Marketing is all about content now. You all must have come across these sayings, but how do you define quality content. What may seem to you as a good marketing content may not be true for your prospects and customers. Prospects will find value in your content only when it’s engaging enough. Try to be real, but compelling. Talk about the difference you have made and your customer’s success journey. Try to give more information rather than selling. Types of content that you can create includes report, whitepaper, ppt, infographics, video, blog posts, success story, ebook, etc.

  • Repurposing content to make it visual

Another easy way of communicating effectively with your prospects and customers is through graphics and visual content. Try repurposing all those lengthy articles into infographics or something as sim-ple as video to give better voice to your brand and marketing content.

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  • Creating content with clear call-to-action

Anything you work on should have a clear purpose. Instead of making your customers wonder where to go when looking for more information, give them a clear route to follow and reach you. Always create content with a clear call-to-action.

  • Distinguishing your content – Promotional Vs Thought leadership

A promotional content can be a lot different than the content that your CEO or top management wants to put across. When you create content, make sure you comprehend this difference. Thought leadership content is more about branding and company values. While promotional content should also revolve around the same principles, but it will be more engaging and customer oriented.

DON’Ts of Content Marketing

  • Considering strategy part of a campaign – Short-term view

Content marketing should not be considered as a short-term strategy. Some companies fail to understand this and look it as a part of yearly marketing campaigns. This is the reason why content marketing can’t meet the unreasonable expectations of the stake-holders. Content marketing is all about long term commitment towards quality content creation, promotion and conversion.

  • Creating content that alienates your customer

Ignoring customer needs, failing to address their pain, sending untargeted emails, careless social media campaigns, poor call-to-action, inconsistent branding, etc. can alienate your customers forever if you are not careful with your content.

With so many Dos and Don’ts, it’s always best that you follow your instinct and do it your own way. Content marketing is more about creativity and engagement. Keep that in mind and you are all set to roll.

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