Over the years, informatics has changed the life science R&D and service providers by making it data driven. The major challenges of these industries face are: knowledge management, getting/gathering right information/ useable information from the vast pile of complex data for specific uses, analysis, and interpretation, in spite of spending huge amount of time and money.

aMarketForce, is the one-stop and end-to-end solution provider of following services to biotechnology, bio-medial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and clinical research industries, research laboratories, and clinicians. Our expert science and technology team who are having years of experience can accelerate your R&D and clinical services making it cost effective and time saving. Our team closely works with R&D, product development, and business development executives to deliver high-end and customized data as per requirement along with market research and back-end support services.

NGS data analysis and interpretation support and consultancy

  • All kinds of bioinformatics support and consultancy to pharma, biotech, clinical/lab, agri and plant-biology sectors.
  • Sequencing (including NGS), analysis, and interpretation of DNASeq, RNASeq, ChipSeq, miRseq, metagenome, transcriptome of all kinds of organisms including plant, animal, microbes.
  • Clinical genome and exome sequencing, analysis, interpretation, and reporting
  • Bio-software and discussion support system development, data analysis, experimental design, and hypothesis generation.
  • Database design, development, curation, management, and maintenance.

Using published literature, patents, clinical trials mining, and bioinformatics approaches aMarketForce provides:

Literature informatics, curation, and database services

  • Literature analysis, mining, and manual curation of specific information from published literature, patent, clinical trial, and other resources.
  • Semi automated and manual curation for development of databases and custom knowledgebase using controlled-vocabularies and ontologies.
  • Genetic variant curation, classification, and annotation for PGx database development and for research and clinical uses.
  • Development of ontology and standard terminology.
  • Scientific and technical writing, scientific content development.
  • We are expert in: personalized genomics, pharmacogenomics, toxicogenomics, biomarkers and disease knowledgebase, clinical trial data mining, gene/protein annotation, pathway modelling, agri and plant omics, plant trait markers and disease, microbial omics etc.

Disease and biomarker informatics services

  • Identification of molecular and genetic signatures of all kind of diseases.
  • Mutation, epigenetic, expression based biomarkers for all kind of diseases.
  • Designing screening, predisposition, early diagnostic, prognostic, causative, and therapeutic biomarker panels for all kind of diseases.
  • Pharmacogenomics and personalized/ or precision medicine related informatics.
  • Selection of candidate drugs or management strategies towards personalized/ or precision medicine
  • Hypothesis generation for candidate novel markers and targets (cellular, molecular, physiological and structural biomarkers/targets) for all kind of diseases
  • We are expert in: oncology, paediatrics, gynaecology, metabolic, neuro diseases, and complex syndromes.

Informatics services for genetic counsellors and clinicians

  • Analysis, annotation, and interpretation of genetic variants from clinical genome/exome for diagnosis, prognosis, and personalized therapy/management.
  • Functional significance analysis of Variant of Unknown Significance (VUS).
  • Annotation and interpretation of genotype-phenotype correlations
  • Genotype-drug response analysis to support decision making in treatment or disease management for all kinds of diseases including cancers and complex neuro disorders.

Discovery informatics services

  • Identification of molecular targets and lead molecules for any kind of disease
  • Functional characterization of lead molecules, its drugability, pharmacovigilance, ADME properties, and treatment responses etc
  • Hypothesis generation of known drugs to be used for other diseases and their molecular mechanism and other properties

Patent informatics services

aMarketForce offers a wide range of intellectual property rights (IPR) and patent informatics services including:

  • Prior art search and patent mining
  • Patent portfolio management – mapping, monitoring, landscaping etc
  • Patent infringement avoidance and reverse engineering
  • Assistance in developing new IP for biomarker panels and therapeutics

Market research and staffing services

aMarketForce offers a wide range of market research and back-end support services to biotechnology, bio-medial, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and clinical research industries

  • Competitive intelligence and market analysis for biomarker, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, diagnostic, and any industry in the life science /healthcare sectors.
  • All kinds of back-end supports for R&D heads, product, marketing, and business development managers.
  • In-house sales and support for prospective client database development.
  • Assistance in project management, product development, and marketing strategy.
  • Recruitment of right candidate for right job as per the clients' requirements.

About our life science team:

Our teams of experts are from reputed institutes having Masters and Doctoral degrees and have 5-12 years experience in research and scientific project management in inter-disciplinary fields in life sciences: Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Genetics, Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Proteomics, Human Diseases, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biostatics, Patent Law etc.

Our clients:

We work with some of the top diagnostic laboratories from North America, Middle East, and Europe. Contact us to learn more about our life sciences services and the other ways we can support your R&D and product development. Request a Quote