Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: Tips and Best Practices

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Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

When you want to attract potential customers, it is important to follow strategies that can bring the most relevant ones. Generating leads is important because as you bring high-potential customers, they bring paying customers and take the revenue graph to greater heights.

In the process of bringing better leads, LinkedIn can be instrumental. It is an effective social media platform that has a strong audience that can help you to attract potential customers who can pay you more.

Here are some tips and best practices to drag paying customers. 

#1 You should be part of LinkedIn Group

If you compare LinkedIn with other platforms, it is a social platform where you can create groups with your professional fellows. These groups can be centered around industry-relevant interests. You can be part of them and create conversations with other professionals.

By posting content and being part of discussion groups about relevant topics or talking about your products and services, you can create a good image in front of potential customers. They can recognize you as a source of valuable information.

#2 You should have an impressive LinkedIn Page

When there is a good-quality LinkedIn presence, you can create a strong presence. And it is important to remember that it is not sufficient to make the page, your page should be active, and the content should be thought-provoking.  

Since you need not spend a penny to create a LinkedIn page and build visibility. On this page you can put content that can explain your brand effectively and show your thought leadership. It is possible to put curated information on this page, which is taken from other reliable sources.

According to marketing experts it is critical to optimize the company page so that you create a strong impression. Make the page complete and up to the mark with all relevant information such as business description, URL of your website, logo of the company, etc.

#3 Your sales and marketing teams need to be aligned

It is evident that there has been a big change in the buying behavior of customers. Today they research first and use marketing content to make their buying decision more informed. Before they reach a sales representative, they are more informed.

As a marketing expert you can understand how critical it is to deal with savvier customers. You will have to meet the needs of customers first and then hand off them to your sales manager. Thus, your sales team has a context about the stage of the customer journey the customer is at present.

Since the sales and marketing teams play almost an equal part in searching prospective customers and closing deals, they overlap with each other more heavily than before.

#4 You should post relevant content on LinkedIn that can keep your audience engaged

When you create LinkedIn page and profile, you should ensure that is strong. It is important to post various types of content. When you will make the page rich with industry-relevant content that will position you as an industry leader.  Your potential customers will find you relevant and credible.

Experts say that by creating and sharing good-quality content that is tailored to the interests of your target audience, it becomes easy to generate leads and bring customer engagement. But for that, the content should be of several types, like blogs and infographics, videos and case studies, case studies and presentations, and so on.

Only by recognizing yourself as a valuable and insightful source of information, it is possible to develop connections with like-minded people that match your ideal customer profile.

Make use of LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Content

It is possible to make use of sponsored content and LinkedIn Ads to ensure that your content reaches the audience you want to access. Especially, if you are a business that is operating in a small marketing budget, it is an efficient source.

It is a fact that LinkedIn is the top paid and organic channel for B2B businesses, so it is quite worth spending your money on this platform. LinkedIn has a native ads management service. But there are many other ad management tools that can create, organize, and execute advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.

You need to maintain a consistent presence on the platform.  LinkedIn offers consistency as compared to other social media sites. It is not sufficient to post articles on LinkedIn weekly once because you will not be able to have a consistent presence in that manner.

It is equally essential to communicate with your customers consistently. Also, you must ensure that you reach the right audience. With the advanced targeting capabilities offered by LinkedIn, you can connect to the right audience. Engage with people who have already shown interest in your business or want to be more interested.

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