Lead Nurturing and Scoring

Lead Nurturing and Scoring services help clients maintain relationships with pre-qualified leads. Companies often do a good job of generating leads from website form submissions, email campaigns, content marketing and other sources, but converting premature leads into opportunities is not easy.

Companies are often distracted with short-lived leads and neglect those that require timely cultivation. Is your company dissatisfied with its marketing-generated leads?

Is your CRM inundated with low-quality leads? The solution is to adopt a well-defined scoring-and-nurturing process for your leads.

aMarketForce’s Lead Scoring and Nurturing services provide inside sales support to a client’s sales and marketing department by classifying and prioritizing sales-ready leads, establishing strong rapport with prospects, and shortening the sales cycle.

aMarketForce’s Lead Scoring and Nurturing Services includes:

  • Lead Scoring and Segmentation
  • Communication Strategy Design
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns

aMarketForce Lead Scoring and Nurturing Process:

Lead Nurturing and Scoring Process

aMarketForce’s Lead Scoring and Segmentation services are specifically designed to help companies improve the quality of their marketing leads. Our lead scoring model helps in the grading and steering of leads based on collected information (company size, job title, etc.) and prospects’ behaviour (datasheet download, email openers, etc.). A Lead Scoring model is highly effective in developing marketing and sales effectiveness while decreasing pages in the sales pipeline.

aMarketForce’s Lead Nurturing services enable an uninterrupted channel of communication with client’s prospects— ensuring no warm leads fall through the cracks. Lead nurturing and scoring services can also be managed through marketing automation software and integrated with a CRM system.

aMarketForce’s team of marketing experts help prepare a lead scoring model to rank prospects. We also help in initializing prospect communication and systemized messaging strategy to nurture campaigns. Based on ranking, all leads are routed to sales (leads which are sales-ready) or to lead nurturing programs. Lead Nurturing programs are designed and automated with several campaigns, such as: email follow-ups for new leads, touch-based campaigns for cold leads, and more.

aMarketForce has a team dedicated to implementing and customizing Marketing Automation and CRM systems. We execute all scoring and nurturing programs on these systems by offering Marketing Automation and CRM Services.

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