Lead List Pre-Qualification: Why pre-qualify your prospect list?

In our last lead generation blog, we had discussed the process of prospect list development and briefly talked about lead qualification.

Today we will discuss the importance of prospect list pre-qualification. Prospect prequalification is the process of screening your prospects by asking them relevant questions to determine if they could be potential clients/customers or not.

7 steps to qualifying your prospect list:

  1. Buy/Build a B2B prospect list in your target companies.
  2. Carefully strategize who could be a potential customer of your company – what aspects make a target client?
  3. Make a list of questions to ask prospects to determine if they could be potential clients or not.
  4. Call the company and if possible the decision-makers and ask them the prequalifying questions and document the answers.
  5. Get as much information on the company as possible if the decision-maker is not available.
  6. Introduce your target product/services to the prospect and ask permission to send an introductory email with information.
  7. Send an email to the prospect with information on your company (corporate presentation, datasheet, brochure).

aMarketForce Prospect Pre-Qualification Case Study

A USA based supply chain management (SCM) solution company was preparing to launch a new product. With an internal sales team not big enough to handle prospect list qualification and lead generation, aMarketForce was hired. Our experienced business development agents were educated on the benefits of the product and competitive industry solutions necessary to connect and engage the prospects. A list of prequalifying questions were prepared:

  • What ERP do you use?
  • Do you have a SCM solution?
  • Would you be interested to know more about a new on-demand SCM Solution in the market?

In the end, our agents were able to provide a detailed, validated and qualified list of prospects to the client’s internal sales team. When the introductory emails were sent to these qualified prospects, 60% of them engaged and 40% actually converted to leads.

Takeaway for our Blog Readers:

  • Prospect list prequalification saves a lot of time in the lead generation process.
  • It helps the inside sales team deliver sales ready leads.
  • Engaging with prospects – with an influencer or decision maker is always useful.
  • It is important to be very careful when asking these qualifying questions. Many of our clients prefer not to use their corporate name during pre-qualifying process as they want their BD team to engage first.

To know more about aMarketForce’s prospect pre-qualification and prospect list development services, email us at info@amarketforce.com.

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