Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation is all about researching target accounts, identifying the right people, qualifying them, and setting up appointments for the sales team. A steady source of high-quality B2B sales leads can shorten your sales cycles, decrease your sales costs, and most importantly, increase your revenues.

Are your highly paid salespeople spending valuable time researching prospects when they could be out selling? Utilizinga company like aMarketForce that specializes in B2B demand generation can drastically improve the efficiency and output of your sales team.

aMarketForce’s B2B Lead Generation services promise clients a consistent and reliable flow of leads. Our highly-skilled marketing and sales group work in conjunction with our clients’ internal sales team by calling researched and verified contacts and pitching the clients’ products and services.

aMarketForce’s Cost Effective Lead Generation team identifies and qualifies prospects via telephone, email, and intensive research. Ultimately, the client is privy to an ongoing funnel of high-quality B2B leads, facilitating greater success and faster closure of sales.

aMarketForce’s B2B Lead Generation Services include:

  • Cold Calling: Calling cold contacts from your target contact list
  • Campaign Follow-Up: Follow-up after marketing and inside-sales campaigns
  • Lead Qualification: Qualifying inbound inquiries from campaigns
  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): prospects engagement level indicates that he is likely to become a customer
  • Content Syndication Lead (sometimes known as an MQL): Prospects who have agreed to receive some content/material on a specific topic
  • HQL (Highly-Qualified Lead): A prospect is qualified by asking 2-3 specific need and pain-point related questions
  • BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline): Using qualification framework to identify and pursue the specific prospects
  • Event Marketing : aMarketForce’s Event Recruitment services can ensure the notification and attendance of ideal contacts. High quality leads are produced by properly nurturing event leads. aMarketForce’s committed and detail-oriented team handles the important yet laborious and time-consuming work — building the event invite list and following-up after the event — so you and your team don’t have to.
  • Email Marketing : If done right, email campaigns are a great and inexpensive way to reach your prospects. aMarketForce’s Email Campaign Service can provide clients with beginning-to-end follow-through for any email campaign, including press releases, event announcements, special offers, and newsletter circulation. aMarketForce’s Email Campaign Management service starts with developing contact and email lists, especially if the client doesn’t already have a target database. This is followed by Customer Database Validation, which entails email verification and email or data appending to make sure the prospect database is complete, comprehensive, and optimally useful. Ongoing email list management is also part and parcel of aMarketForce service offerings.

The aMarketForce B2B Lead Generation process

Based on a client’s individual requirements, aMarketForce dedicates a team of highly qualified tele-sales agents to the account. The assigned aMarketForce agents have the appropriate domain experience to conduct further research and understand the client’s company, product, and services. Armed with ampleknowledge and applicable training, aMarketForce’s experienced sales team openly communicates with a client’s prospects, understands their needs, pitches the client’s product and services, and schedules meetings/appointments for the client’s internal sales team.

aMarketForce provides this highly successful B2B appointment setting service from its Center of Excellence (est. 2002) and has a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from the B2B Lead Generation service.

In addition to B2B Lead Generation Services, aMarketForce can provide Prospect Database Development and Customer Database Validation services.

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