Lead Generation via White Paper Syndication

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Lead Generation via Whitepaper Syndication

Before we deep dive into the effect of whitepaper syndication on lead generation, it is important to understand what whitepaper syndication is. Let’s explore.

A whitepaper syndication service is a way where marketers contact a company that promotes whitepapers to thousands of prospects using diverse channels, e.g., websites, emails, blogs, articles, social media channels, and through other free or paid whitepaper syndication websites and sales calls.
White paper syndication enhances brand awareness. It helps a client to get established as a thought leader in the competitive marketplace. It assists in improving website traffic. It also enhances the SEO ranking of the website of the client.

Not just that it enhances the visibility and lead generation prospects, but also promotes the proper alignment of the sales and marketing team. It optimizes the resourcefulness of the team.
By analyzing the reports thrown by the whitepaper, a marketing team can make use of data intelligence services to engage with prospective clients and optimize the experience.

Whitepaper syndication has emerged as an effective tool

It has been observed in the past few years that whitepaper syndication has emerged as an effective technology for the marketing teams to enhance the outreach and circulation of the campaign. It also helps in developing relationships with the top prospects.

Today, the whitepaper has become the topmost content-driven marketing tool and it is the driver of powerful lead generation campaigns. It helps in fetching additional referral traffic for the website. It boosts the number of leads that your marketers can capture.

For B2B technology buyers it is very important. Using it, they can sail through the purchasing lifecycle. Similar to a brochure or datasheet, a whitepaper can be the most prominent marketing tool.
When you are expecting lead generation through a content promotion strategy, it is the best tool.

Make your technical whitepaper available to a larger audience

Yes, by using proper marketing channels, you can achieve that. You use platforms that are most preferred by your audience to hang out on. It is not about waiting and hoping that sometime the prospect will land up on your website and download the whitepaper. In the modern era of technology, it should be delivered directly to their mailbox.

Whitepaper syndication promotes Lead Generation in these ways:

Placing White Paper Content In front of a Wider Audience

Whitepaper syndication places the content before a bigger audience. It gives huge exposure to content. For example, if your company has the potential to reach 1000 readers, using syndication you can reach a hundred times more readers with the same content.

It increases brand visibility and authority

When you syndicate white paper content regularly, you can enhance the visibility of the brand online. To achieve the best, a marketing team should generate helpful and relevant content for the target audience consistently. Also, the content should be generated in such a manner that they nurture visitors every time the content is consumed by the reader.
Content syndication also helps B2B clients to establish brand authority by positioning them as subject matter experts in the industry.

By driving high-quality traffic to the website

Research says that more than 90 percent of blogs do not generate organic traffic from social media or search engines. High-quality traffic means traffic that has a high probability of getting converted into leads and ultimately customers.

By capturing high-value leads

Finally, content syndication plays a critical role in generating high-quality leads by distributing white paper content to publishers that are targeting buyers that you are interested in. Thus, lead generation goals meet. When your reach gets amplified, you achieve better lead generation.

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