Lead generation for the software industry

Content syndication for technology industry
Content syndication for technology industry
February 10, 2023
Advantages of Content Syndication
Advantages of Content Syndication
March 9, 2023
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Lead generation for the software industry

With the incredible and unprecedented increase in technology dependence, there has been a great surge in the technology market too. It is an encouraging situation for aspiring entrepreneurs. They have a lucrative market that can give customers in a blink and take the topline higher.

But at the same time, entrepreneurs should not forget that due to a vibrant market, customers also have a lot of options. Not only it is a threat to the potential leads, but also to your existing customers. It is tough to retain existing customers as there is a fierce competition around.

To pick the best customers in a lot of potential customers, you need to have a sound lead generation strategy. And especially, if you are running a software company, then it becomes all the more important to formulate the right strategy.

Before that, you need to precisely understand the purpose of lead generation. It is to attract the most serious potential buyers and not who is showing just a casual interest in your products and services.

Let’s understand some finer aspects of the lead generation approach that will result in the formation of the right strategy and a substantial addition to your customer base.

Interactive landing page design

Why do you run customer campaigns? So that people get motivated to take certain actions. So when a visitor comes to your website, do you know what he is supposed to do? If there are different landing pages for specific campaigns, they will know what is to be done. And thus, you will get more leads in the process.

Whatever you do to push them to do an action, keep it interactive. And do not forget to gather their credentials in any case.

Free trial offers

An important and effective strategy to generate leads when you are in the software industry is, giving them free trial offers. In today’s market, nobody wants to buy a product without knowing about it anything. Whether you are a car company or a software industry, you must give a product experience to the users.

In the case of a software company, it comes in the form of a free trial period. It is a good way of generating leads.

You may create a free demo of the primary offer on a landing page, or you can give it directly on your homepage. Simple products such as video games, etc. are offered over a short period. It can be just a few hours or one day.

Complex periods can be offered in two ways:

  • For a long time but with limited functionality and features.
  • For a very short period but with full functionality.

Which approach suits you better depends on your personal preferences.


 After the Covid-19 pandemic, webinars have become very much popular. They give an opportunity to share and teach new concepts to others online.

Providing this information through a series of webinars not only educates potential leads about you but also positions your brand as a thought leader. And in turn, it also generates new leads. Since there is the facility of recording a session, it is possible to reproduce it for future viewings.

Therefore, one webinar can continue registering new attendees and generating leads for you.

Referrals program

It is a fact that one satisfied customer brings ten more. A referral program is based on this concept. It is a proactive way of asking customers if they should recommend the product or service to a few people.

For that, you have to create a page on the website such as “Refer a friend”. Here, visitors will provide the name and email id of a potential new lead.

The same feature can be offered anywhere you want to generate leads. For example, while registering for an event or offering a product demo, you can ask if anyone else is also interested.

Thus, one lead can turn into multiple leads and a chance to get more customers on-board.

Working with influencers

Influencers are the people who form a public opinion because of their credibility. A technical advisor, for example, who is respected for his knowledge can be an influencer. If he recommends a product or service in his niche, then it will be carefully heard by others.

When the product is sent to key influencers and they endorse it, then it may create demand for it and bring more leads.


You should know what customers are looking for when they investigate a new software product or service. It can be an improvement in service delivery or a reduction in time or cost. Of course, market research will tell you about that, but a more authentic way is to create a survey and let the respondent tell you.

Put the survey on the website and share the link across various channels. Not only these surveys will bring in new leads, but also give you an idea of what customers will need in the future.

These are some effective ways of lead generation for software companies.


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