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April 14, 2011
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aMarketForce has recently introduced Technical writing and Documentation Services to its suite of offerings. In this and two successive blogs we will give you a brief overview of our technical writing and documentation services.

  1. What is technical writing?
  2. What is the purpose of technical writing?
  3. What is good technical writing?
  4. What is the difference between technical writing and technical documentation?
  5. What sets aMarketForce apart as a provider of technical writing and documentation services.

What is technical writing?

Technical writing is used to communicate the technical aspects of a product or service to technical and non-technical audiences. Examples are the user manual of a consumer-oriented digital camera, the technical service manual for a car or instructions on how to operate a machine that makes parts for a TV. Fields as varied as engineering, chemistry, aerospace, computer hardware and software, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology all need technical documentation.

Technical writing teams are often referred to as Technical Documentation Groups, Information Development, User Assistance Teams, or Technical Publications Departments.

What is the purpose of technical writing?

The purpose of technical writing is to let readers understand technical materials and use them as needed without having to decode wordy and ambiguous writing. Technical writers put complex technical ideas into understandable words, for technical as well as non technical audiences.

What is good technical writing?

The three C’s of good technical writing are:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Complete

Good technical writing clarifies technical jargon; that is, it presents useful information that is clear and easy to understand for the intended audience.

Poor technical writing may increase confusion by creating unnecessary technical jargon, or failing to explain unavoidable technical terms that readers would not be familiar with.

What makes aMarketForce different?

Differentiator # 1: aMarketForce has skilled technical writers who have written at length in several technical domains, so that we can go in and create documentation with little ramp-up time. While this may be a claim that is made universally, the one thing we DO NOT do is claim expertise in all areas. aMarketforce writers focus on software technology, Finance and banking, and marketing communications.

Differentiator # 2: Our capability to take in a diverse range of technical content in many different pre-existing formats, store it all in a manner where the ‘content’ is separated from the ‘format’, and the ability to take this ‘content’ and deliver it in a variety of formats, with the depth and complexity of the subject matter determined by the ultimate use as well as the output format. We call this content multi-purposing, or ‘Documentation Services’, and it will be the focus of the next blog.

To know more about our technical writing services, please email me at

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