Importance of Accurate and Validated Contact Lists

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Best Practices For Database Cleansing
November 10, 2021
Importance of Database Cleansing
December 6, 2021
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Importance of Accurate and Validated Contact Lists

Organizations collect customer contact lists for significant business outcomes. Business studies have found that a great boost in business retention can be achieved by that. To get the optimum benefit, you should make intelligent use of that.

Therefore, it is greatly important to keep the customer contact database 100% comprehensive and precise. An inaccurate or poorly maintained database will not generate the desired benefit.

Contact list validation is a methodology to capture and store accurate and clean customer data. It enhances the accuracy of the database. An efficient validation solution helps in automatically verifying, correcting, and standardizing the data. It is important to assure the authenticity of the data as well.

Organizations adopt various contact list validation solutions to verify the data. It helps in leveraging the database for sales, marketing, and customer support services.

Let’s understand the importance of maintaining an accurate and validated contact list for your business.

It helps you in maintaining a comprehensive database

Are you sure about the comprehensiveness of the contact list? If you cannot answer it confidently, then you are not sure about it. Studies say that more than 80 percent of CEOs are not sure about that. Also, it is a fact, that 20% of organizations lose clients because they don’t have an accurate and complete data set.

It is not enough to have a contact list unless it is complete and validated. Get it verified so that you can reach the right people.

You eliminate duplicate data

You can match contact details manually or apply partially automated methods to remove duplicates from the database. Though it is a time-consuming method that requires effort, it is followed by people because of its effectiveness.

When a contact list is neatly verified and validated, it does not contain any duplicate data. Thus, there is no possibility of contacting a customer repeatedly. Also, you save money by not sending the same marketing or promotional stuff to the same customer multiple times.

When there are no duplicates in the database, you trim down the email bounce rate. Also, you reduce lost mail pieces and track the outcomes precisely.

You can decide on a sustainable data entry format

When there is accurate and valid data, it becomes easy to design a uniform data entry format. It is significant to maintain consistency through all the databases. It also maintains the correctness of customer information. You need to set a pattern and standard of data entry format for regular users.

Database experts always recommend benchmarked formats. They say that the database remains consistent and data conversions become effortless due to that. It helps in maintaining official postal details in a precise format. The task of data validation becomes easy and quick.

Thus, this approach can sustain standardized data formats and trim down the delivery time.

You avoid incorrect customer address

There could be serious implications of sending mailers to incorrect addresses. The mailers are not always promotional stuff. They could be some vital customer communication that is supposed to be delivered to the right recipient.

By doing accurate validation, you can assure 100% accuracy in contact details. Thus, you do not get into the problem of sending a communication to unintended recipients.

You don’t face customer agitation. They will remain loyal and satisfied customers.

Customer contact lists may come from various sources. Therefore, it is not a simple thing to maintain the records clean. You need to follow various address verification solutions and choose one of them. Thus, you can sustain your reputation and brand image well.

You send right communication to the right customer

There has been an enormous increase in email traffic during recent times.

Also, it requires money to send customer communication. Hence, it is furthermore important that your communication get noticed by the client.

Only a properly validated contact list can guarantee that. It facilitates you to send the right communication to the right people. It is vital to be sure to communicate with the right client with the right message.


Each business has different concerns, and each entrepreneur has different priorities. In this context, you need to establish specific ways and measures to maintain an accurate and validated contact list. You need to tailor information to the need of each audience and differentiate the message to ensure its impact and indulgence.

By maintaining the right contact list, you reduce the chances of hard bounce. It occurs when the email does not exist or it is a fictitious address, or it is no longer being by the user. Also, it reduces the chance of SPAM complaints. The percentage of SPAM mail can be brought as low as .1 percent if your contact list is clean. It controls blacklisting also.

Use validation tools to clean the contact list regularly. Do it so that you reach the intended customer at the right moment and reap the business benefit.

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