How to Track your B2B Content Syndication Campaigns

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When you are a B2B marketer, you always strive hard to tap as many customers as you can. To reach a broader audience, you need better visibility with the content. However, since the Internet gets loaded with so much content every day, it becomes more and more difficult.

Not just that you want to be known to the target audience but also you want to create a good impression. You want that they get enough curious to know more about your brand, product, or service.
So far it has been a challenging task to connect to the audience. Therefore, you will want to find new ways of standing out differently in the B2B digital marketing strategy. Content syndication is an effective way of expanding your reach. In the fierce competition today, it could be a significant contributor to the overall demand generation strategy adopted by you.

When you run a content syndication campaign, it is important to track it well. But before that, you need to know about B2B content syndication.

What is B2B Content Syndication?

B2B content syndication is the distribution of content across third-party channels or platforms so that you can reach a broader audience and grow your leads. In simple words, it is the strategic republishing of your content in different forums.

According to experts, Content Syndication is an element of the B2B demand generation strategy that focuses on enhancing the exposure for your products. By that, you can expand the content to new platforms in front of a more diverse audience and reach people that otherwise won’t have seen it or someone else has already reached them before you.

By incorporating content syndication in your content marketing strategy, you can enhance the impact of the content multiple times. Not only that, but you can also increase the impact of your content.

How to track the success of your B2B Content Syndication Campaign?

When we say that content syndication is an essential and elemental aspect of performance marketing, it is equally important to assess its content syndication campaign. Over time, there has been a great improvement in content and the medium.
In the modern era of the Internet, it is a systematic merging and publishing of your content on various third-party websites.

Thus, it expands the reach. Content syndication upcycles the content and increases the organic flow of visitors to your website. Also, it allows high value to the content.
When you execute syndication, you should assess its success by following ways.


One important way to track the effectiveness of content syndication is increased traffic to your website. When more prospects get interested in your website, it will have more footfall. When you use tactics such as PPC, guest posting, or social media promotion, you can see a big increase in the incoming traffic.

Brand Enhancement

An effective brand enhancement can be assessed by brand awareness, desire, interest, and favorability for the brand and services. An increase in brand enhancement increases other metrics also. Different companies have different ways to track brand lift.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Return on investment or ROI is an important way to evaluate a content syndication campaigns. Its success is by tracking the Return on Investment of your B2B content syndication campaign.

If revenue is not the main objective of the campaign, then the metric of success will change. For example, a campaignEach company has different metrics of success because it is a subjective aspect. For example, if you run a campaign to increase downloads, then your parameter of success will be a number of daily downloads and increase in it month on month or quarter on quarter. So, every situation is different.

Volume of leads

What is your aim behind running a content syndication program? It is uplift in your lead generation. When you want to track conversion, the content on the third-party website will be a tricky activity. Hence, a B2B marketer should set up appropriate tracking methods to check and analyze conversions after the campaign.

Quality of leads

Undoubtedly, your aim is to increase the number of leads when you run B2B Content Syndication Campaign. But you have to be keen to assess the quality of leads also.

What will be the ideal quality of lead? It is a lead that matches the criterion of Sales Qualified Lead or SQL. Your content syndication will achieve that. You have to focus on outbound methods to ensure the quality of leads. You can qualify prospects based on available data. You can decide who to reach. By continuous monitoring and reviewing, you can check the quality of leads.


B2B content syndication can enhance the visibility of your website and increase the possibility of bringing more customers to it. But you need to assess effectiveness of it. By checking a predefined set of parameters, you can do that. However, what parameters to choose are different for everyone.

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