How to make your lead generation campaign successful? Part I

B2B Lead Generation Tips
How to make your lead generation campaign successful? Part I

Today’s blog is especially for those readers who are looking for all possible ways to generate quality B2B leads. A funnel of high-quality B2B leads can increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, decrease sales costs, and provide priceless insight into the target market. This blog series will consist of 3 blog posts.

In this blog we will discuss some basics of B2B lead generation. As a B2B lead generation services company, aMarketForce has some useful information to share with readers.

What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is the process of creating awareness and interest in prospects for products or services of your business. B2B lead generation is for companies who deal/sell only to businesses.

Methods of B2B lead generation

Some effective B2B lead generation methods are:

1. Website Optimization
2. Email campaigns and Lead Nurturing
3. Tele-calling
4. Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC, Social Media, Banner Ads, Blogging
5. Direct Mail
6. Print Advertising
7. Event Marketing
8. Referrals – Internal, Partner, Client

Commonly used B2B lead generation methods are email campaigns and tele-calling. Website optimization and internet marketing is also very relevant.

Who should direct and manage lead generation campaigns?

Are your marketing and sales teams confused about who should monitor and manage your B2B lead generation campaigns? The solution is to create an inside sales team. Inside sales teams pre-qualify marketing leads, run tele-calling campaigns, research and finally deliver quality leads to the sales team. The Inside sales team needs a lot of messaging and content support from marketing, as well as regular training by sales department.

How to set goals for B2B lead generation campaigns?

It is very important that you set goals for your B2B lead generation campaigns in order to track results and measure performance. Monthly/quarterly/yearly targets for the number of qualified leads and inquiries should be set which should be synchronized with sales revenue targets. It is important to consider the length of the sales cycle and the lead conversion ratio. Based on set goals you should further choose proper methods for B2B lead generation. Finally, all the marketing and inside sales expense should be tracked against set ROI goals.

In out next blog post we will discuss how to use segmented and targeted prospect database and messaging for lead generation campaigns.

aMarketForce’s B2B lead generation services ensures that clients have a consistent and reliable resource for lead generation. The aMarketForce marketing and sales group works as an extension of their clients’ internal sales team by calling verified contacts and qualifying them to a level where the outside sales team can go in with a high probability of a close. To know more about our B2B lead generation services email us at

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