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October 5, 2020
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June 19, 2021
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No matter the size of your brand or how great your service or product is; B2B sales is all about the quality of your leads! Whether you are a salesperson or you do business development working at a company, running a business can be straining if you don’t have the right leads to boost sales.

However, only generating leads is not enough, you need to manage your leads precisely. After all, it’s about the quality, not the numbers. Today, generating high-quality leads is the primary challenge for marketers around the world. But is it okay to solely rely on your marketers for lead?

I would say NO…

Depending on your area of operations (say the USA for example), you need to stay in touch with a few companies that provide contact list development services in the USA. This brings us to the question, what is sales prospecting? How can we get higher sales prospects via such service providers?

Let’s have a look at the complete process and understand how.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting can be defined as a process where sales representatives try creating sales opportunities for their business, using outbound calls and emails. Prospecting can involve multiple tools like email campaigns, cold-calling, SMS messages, and other similar forms of outreach.

Today, multiple providers like contact list development service providers CA, help you achieve the desired ROI, by allowing you to streamline your operations and improve chances of sales.

Now that we know what is sales prospecting, let’s have a look at the multiple elements and how these prospect providers can help you.

Key Tips to Get Higher Quality Sales Prospects

  1. Separate out Marketing Leads from Sales Leads- The key difference here is that marketing leads take time to nurture and cultivate them to make them sales-ready. On the contrary, sales leads can be referred to as opportunities where your potential buyers are at a stage to interact with a salesperson.
    Once you have segregated your leads into marketing and sales, you improve the chances of closing sales and increasing revenue for your organization.
  2. Cold E-Mail – E-mails are useful because it’s straightforward to find your ideal customers’ emails via organic & inorganic ways. All you need to do is go to the company’s website and find the email of that person you want to talk to. Also, it’s free to send, and hence cost effective. Interestingly, emails can give you an average return of 42%
  3. LinkedIn – Basically it’s a social media platform where you can find people or companies you want to reach out to, find their problems, and try fixing them in exchange for transactions.
  4. Cold Calling – Cold calling isn’t dead, over 82% of buyers accepted meetings with salespeople, post a cold call. It is a process to be followed with patience and rigorous efforts.


The question that always arises is more effective, but the answer always depends on your industry. The best way to figure out which one you should do is just based on your industry, how other people are finding their leads, and getting more prospects and meetings.

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