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August 16, 2013
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December 3, 2013
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Traditional B2B lead generation has taken a U-turn with advancement in technology and marketing methodologies such as CRM, marketing automation tools, targeted marketing, social media marketing, lead scoring and nurturing and so on. Over all these year, it has evolved in below 4 unique ways giving birth to a modernized lead generation and lead management approach.

1. Cold Calling to Warm Calling

Companies are hardly doing cold calling these days. Traditional calling approach has been now replaced with warm follow-up campaigns. Campaigns like email, mailing, nurturing or even social are done before directly calling the prospect. Warm calling as opposed to traditional tele-calling is more personalized and effective approach.

2. Traditional Campaigns to Nurturing Campaigns

Most of the marketing campaigns these days are managed and monitored closely through automated software. While the traditional campaigns were tracked based on the incoming inquiries, leads and conversions; modern lead generation campaigns are now monitored at microscopic levels. Every prospect’s actions like click on email, request for brochure or quote are all tracked and prospects are further scored using lead scoring technique. Only ready-for-sales leads are forwarded to sales team and rest are nurtured by marketing and inside sales teams.

3. From Manual Slog to Automation

Every important level of B2B demand generation can be automated these days. OnDemand and Cloud services have broken the curse of manual labor and made lead generation automation possible at anyplace and anytime. Web inquiries are automatically feeding into CRM, campaigns are scheduled and executed automatically. Leads and campaigns reporting are automated. Nurturing and scoring campaigns are even automated. Not to mention companies are saving a lot of lead management time through automation and are concentrating more on sales and increasing revenues.

4. Synchronized Marketing and Sales – MUST for successful B2B lead generation

Thanks to technologies such as CRM and marketing automation tools; marketing and sales departments are working in more sync these days. Friction between both these team can cost dearly to yearly lead forecasting and revenue generation. Acknowledgment to marketing department as a revenue generation center and not merely a cost center has given them a major boost. Change of approach hence has truly facilitated lead generation. Both marketing and sales teams are now focused into achieving higher revenues through appropriately harmonized marketing and sales campaigns.

How do you think lead gen has evolved in your company over all these years? I look forward to hearing about your observations.

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