Guest Post:Event Apps- Why Small Business Should Leverage Them The Most

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Do you think small business sounds a minor aspect in the larger business world? Though it says small, it does play a key role for most important business bodies.

The advent of technology down the past years has taken the brand-client relationship to a higher level than any time before. In the corporate world, event apps stay the major helping reservoir, be it support, behaviour, feedback, or analytics. For small business; event, conference apps got their horizons wide- better outreach, interaction and user engagement, behaviour monitoring, data collection, analytics  and the same time easy-tasking the whole process. These apps minimises audience trouble on seeking up-date information regarding on-going conferences, encourages to check into upcoming events, get idea on related events happening, gather clients and participants, find the right contacts and get in touch with them, stay updated even without being physically present. Features that improve participation, user experience as it facilitates virtual meeting support.

Why should you go game? The numbers here gives you the reason. Over 43 billion app downloads in 2012, figures doubling by 2013 end to see over 82 billion downloads and by 2017, the numbers to cross a whooping 200 billion. Now let’s get to view from event planner perspective. According to experts, mobile conference apps generally got sense of elevating small business bands. Well, we will see how these play an inevitable role in today’s business world.

Cost-Effective Media

Did you know that conference apps can get your event organized perfect, get them done on short notices and efficient with fewer budgets than traditional ways? Bringing the paperless media into effect, mobile apps turn out to be one of the direct strategies to connect speakers, sponsors, delegates, attendees, keeping them updated, giving timely alerts, letting real-time feedback and more anticipating features. Getting these apps on mobile is a practical as well a cost-effective strategy small business should reap.

Encourage Audience

Do you think a business can just prosper without direct promotions? It is obvious that an event or face-face interaction brings more effect on the business body. Mobile event apps through real-time interaction can boost up audience outlook defining who and what your organization is all about. Moreover, customers seem more likely to build an efficient customer-client relation via networking right on your palm.

Get Things On The Go

An event-oriented database on the mobile platform can feed specific information making it an easy channel for multiple communications. The data on the device is displayed such a way that it increase users’ expectation and deliver the best experience. This gets updated on the go and can be used to check in any event without entering the data details every now and then.  Don’t you feel users would be excited to get all the conference details on their fingertips via these apps rather than surfing through websites? Any change on the event? Event apps inform about the last minute changes or current event updating which helps user to plan the trip wisely if they are participating or not!

Draw Revenue

Though the business is small or big, bringing mobile apps can be a tricky experience. Mobile conference apps form a major part of the marketing mix and look forward to satisfy users. An in-app incentive system added can encourage those regular users to avail discounts or incentives, hence increasing sales and customer interest. Running local ads through event app can be a fundraiser for the event as it can gather interest among merchants to purchase it thereby adding more revenue.

Social Media Intervention

Integrating conference apps with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, can definitely open the gateway for competent marketing. These social networks would help event organizers to spread the news around participants’ profiles, different event groups making the organization more visible and gain the maximum profit on the event day. Powerful marketing arises from efficient integration of the organization with strong event management approaches, in turn delivering more exposure to the bigger economic world.


Analytics. Said last; but the most powerful one. How well can you study the user interaction and what they feel about your brand if not data and analytics? Guess work will get you nowhere, but the data you collect, with it can let you delight customers even good the next time.

In your small business as you put in more investment to elevate customer engagement, channel your activities with mobile conference apps and see how well you can benefit.

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