Email Marketing? Keep Experimenting

Online marketing via email is complicated. While it is a very effective means of internet marketing, it can be prone to unexpected errors. You should experiment with your email campaigns and assess the effect of changes in several dimensions. Here are some tips on what and what not to experiment with.

Email Campaign – How to experiment?

You can never be sure about which subject line, offers, and template design will attract your prospects’ interest and prompt them to respond (click on links or pick up the phone). Experimentation is a key to this problem where you can experiment and assess the effect of changes that might bring good results for your email campaigns. Next time you do an email campaign, experiment with these:

  1. Target contacts
  2. The message
  3. The email subject line
  4. Link placements, button colors and usage
  5. Email graphic design
  6. Offers
  7. Email campaign execution date/day/time, both from a calendar as well as a holiday/other events point-of-view.

What not to experiment with?

Just like you are never certain what would attract your prospect’s interest, you are never sure what would irritate them. Here are few elements of email etiquette that you need to follow.

  1. Don’t forget to add the unsubscribe link option
  2. Don’t use spammy words like FREE !, Discount, $$$ and other similar text
  3. Don’t overuse CAPS in the subject line
  4. Don’t confuse prospects – Create a single, clear call-to-action

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