Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Program– Part I

With highly evolved communication channels available to a marketer, customer communication and management has developed its own challenges. Brand confusion and customer aggravation results when there is discord in messaging from marketing, sales and customer support. Today, when marketing, sales and support teams are globally distributed; mixed messages will confuse customers and affect loyalty.

aMarketForce understands these marketing challenges and is focused on helping companies develop a properly-put-together marketing program to get the most returns from their marketing efforts with limited time and resources.

What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated marketing communications is a customer oriented, interactive and data focused method of communicating consistently with your market across all the marketing channels in use. As well, it is a strategy aimed at uniting diverse marketing methods such as mass marketing and direct marketing. It is aimed to harmonize and reinforce the market impact of each method in fostering profitable relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Ten Steps for Implementing Integrated Marketing with aMarketForce

  1. Become aware of barriers to integrated marketing
  2. Prepare a master marketing planincluding marketing strategies, campaigns and yearly/quarterly goals
  3. Develop clear and cohesive marketing messaging
  4. Embed tradition marketing activities
  5. Develop your online/internet marketing plans
  6. Identify and select relevant and feasible marketing channels
  7. Design  your lead qualification, lead scoring/management and nurturing process
  8. Develop and manage a cleanw marketing database/mailing and email list
  9. Setup integrated marketing automation software

10.  Implement, Track, measure and improve

aMarketForce helps in designing strategic integrated marketing plan using proven processes and strategies based on your requirements. Marketing integration is an inescapable ongoing process in which aMarketForce specializes.

In our next integrated marketing blog posts we will discuss each of the 10 steps in detail. To know more about our services request a whitepaper.

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