Developing an Effective Marcom Strategy

The right marcom strategy positions your business distinctively and gives your sales team the awareness umbrella they need while prospecting. On the other hand, a poorly crafted communications strategy can do serious damage: not only hurt sales but also company branding.

Marketing Communication’s core objective is to reach your target audience from within the vast audience pool out there, raise product/services awareness and promote sales. An effective marketing communications strategy will:

1.      Build awareness in the market

2.      Establish domain competency

3.      Provide an umbrella for your sales team

4.      Deliver a consistent brand experience

Your job as a marketer is to ensure that marcom messages and strategies are always aligned to your company’s longer term mission and its short term sales goals. Without a strategic marketing and sales plan, it is difficult to develop a consistent and effective marketing communication strategy.

Developing a marcom strategy is complex. It is important that you better understand your target audience and use the right traditional and internet-based channels, and the right messaging. To ensure that the right message reaches your target audience, the marketing and sales team need to work together to understand the customer’s needs and pain points, and be able to articulate your offering as the solution that the customer needs.

There are 4 important elements needed to develop an effective marcom strategy:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Focus Your Message
  • Develop the Right Channel – Media mix

Get your Timing and Execution Right.

In the next few blogs we will discuss these four elements of an effective marketing communication strategy.

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