Developing an Effective Marcom Strategy – 4 Elements you must know – Part II

Developing an Effective Marcom Strategy – 4 Elements you must know – Part I
January 13, 2011
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February 3, 2011
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This blog is in continuation to our last blog Developing an Effective Marcom Strategy – 4 Elements you must know – Part I. This blog will discuss next 2 elements of Marcom strategy:  The Right Channel and Timing and Execution.

The Right Channel – Media Mix:

There are multitudes of channels available these days to reach your target audience. Based on your prospect profile, Marcom strategy, sales plan and budget you choose the correct mix of media channels to reach your audience.

Some marketing communication channels are listed below:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Public relations
  • Press Releases
  • Print Advertising
  • Web seminars
  • Tradeshows
  • Marketing Material – Brochures, Case Studies, Success Stories
  • Event Sponsorships

Timing and Execution:

Timing is, of course, everything. So when is the best time to pitch your solution? The best time is when your prospects are thinking of starting their shopping; when the headache is but a distant glimmer in the future, but they know it will come and they are getting ready to deal with it. This is your golden hour of sales opportunity.

If you miss the opportunity, what happens?

They will continue with their shopping, find options, and start short-listing – without your name on their shopping list. You can make the list later, but remember, your competitors will be there already. At this time, your imperative is for them to be aware of your solution before their headache develops. You should be on their shopping list before they start making the list. Building your brand awareness is the key.



Do you give everyone the same message? Yes and No

Yes, to the ultimate solution. Everyone should know that your offering is the best medicine that will relieve their headache.

No, because different people are concerned with different aspects of the solution.

The finance person will want to know the overall cost. The decision maker wants to know the total effectiveness. The one dealing with the headache just wants the cure and so on.

One of the few ways to develop good messaging is by understanding the needs of all those involved in the decision-making process so that you are aware of everyone’s issues and can address them comprehensively.

Once your prospect understands that you get the full picture and are not merely intent on pushing your product, you will move the discussions to a higher level, gain credibility and trust, and opened the door for a long term relationship.

Conclusion: Proper execution of all elements of Marcom will lead you to achieving your Marcom goal and which ultimately drives sales.

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