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January 10, 2022
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February 2, 2022
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Marketing experts call Demand Generation a ‘marketing powerhouse’. It can build brand awareness and increase traffic to the website. It secures new leads and helps in taking the business to new heights. It is especially useful for B2B companies as you can create a predictable pipeline for your sales team by demand generation.

What are the popular demand generation strategies? They are SEO, PR campaigns, generating downloadable content, arranging webinars and podcasts, releasing videos, and publishing blogs.

For example, the viewer finds an interesting video by some marketing analysis company that offers a research report to viewers. When a viewer downloads the report, it contains many other complimentary reports to increase the interest of the viewer.

People who download the report get regular mailers and even an invitation to an upcoming webinar, and that is all free of cost!

This is a classic example of Demand Generation.

What could be the potential benefit of all this? The viewer may not buy the analytical software immediately, but next time when he is in search of it (or his friend or business associate needs that), then this software will be top of mind.

Thus, eventually, the demand generation secures new leads. It ensures that the sales and Marketing teams do not work in silos.

Companies that want to generate a strong pipeline of prospective customers should go for Demand Generation. But why is a verified contact list important? Let’s understand it in detail.

Importance of verified contact list in Demand Generation

Demand Generation

When we say that the Demand Generation can generate prospective leads, and the Demand Generation Marketing is the process of creating awareness and demands for your services and products, it is essential to touch base with the right contacts.

Otherwise, your effort will get wasted.

When you contact the right audience, you can generate a buzz and expand your audience.  You can drive traffic to transform the interest of the people into action.

A contact list makes demand generation fruitful. You create a predictable pipeline of prospects for your sales team. The purpose of Demand Generation is to grow your audience by dragging new visitors to the website and introducing your products and services to them.

Since Demand Generation feeds into lead generation, it is important to tap the right contacts. Hence, it is very much important to have a list of the verified contact list. It makes the task simple and reduces the efforts.

You do not tap duplicate customers

A verified contact list does not have duplicate data. When you access a neatly verified contact list, there is no chance of tapping a contact multiple times. Thus, your efforts get optimized. You can calculate the effectivity rate accurately and target the effort well.

Duplication of records causes unnecessary load on the system and impacts profitability. Each duplicate record will put a burden on the operative cost.

You can have a uniform data entry format

A verified contact list contains valid and accurate data. Thus, you can develop a uniform data entry format. It maintains consistency.  The verified contact list can sustain standardized data format and trim down the delivery time.

You tap to the right customer address

A verified contact list ensures that you send mailers to the right address. A mailer may not be promotional only. It could be some customer communication that is to be sent to the right recipient. Accurate and validated addresses assure 100% accuracy in contact details.

You do not send a communication to unintended recipients. The more accurate is the list, the higher hits you achieve.

You have loyal customers

You may get customer contacts from several sources. Hence, you will have to ensure clean records. Verified contact list removes all the problems. When you use, it helps you to sustain your reputation and brand image also.

You give the right message to the right contact.


No matter what business you run, there are always concerns and priorities as an entrepreneur. In this backdrop, you have to establish your own, specific ways and measures to prepare, maintain and add a validated list of contacts.

You must tailor information to the requirement of the specific audience and differentiate your message to make sure that it is impactful and indulging.

When it is about demand generation, it is all the more important to send the right communication to the right customers. When you use a validated contact list, there is less probability of hard bounce. Not just that, you also reduce the chance of being labeled as SPAM sender.

Therefore, a validated contact list is very much important when you are looking for demand generation. By making use of validation tools regularly, you can achieve it.

In the competitive business scenario today, you have to follow a targeted approach. It is essential for keeping high profitability.

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