Demand Generation with Content Marketing

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How Content Marketing Can Guarantee Leads?
October 31, 2022
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November 30, 2022
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Demand Generation with Content Marketing

People say that content is king. Indeed, it is, provided it reaches the right people at the right moment. What is the point if you create very good, informative, and engaging content but hardly anyone sees it?

And the loss is more if you are creating content with an expectation of demand generation. These two things, content creation, and demand generation share the common goal of attracting customers and taking your sales high. However, they work in distinct ways.

And if you want to leverage content for demand generation, then it is essential to use content marketing strategies to generate demand.

People working in demand generation strategies work closely with your sales team and focus on understanding and winning over the audience they want to reach.

Content marketers, on the other hand, work with a long-term view. They tell the brand story through an ongoing narrative. This is usually guided by the product strategy of the company.

And miracles happen when these two groups work together. The content marketing team gets incredible insights into the people they are trying to reach. They learn about the wants of potential customers and separate how they choose to take the information.

And demand generation teams get compelling branded content to engage their potential customers at every stage of the journey. It doesn’t matter whether they have just started to research the product or they have already narrowed down the options and are just about to buy.

Demand generation and Content marketing should work in synergy

When a system is created where demand generators and content marketers share information and work together seamlessly, it brings good results.

When synergy is built between them, there is better coordination. It delivers great insights and helps both groups achieve the goal of building stronger bonds.

Demand generation experts play a vital role in interacting with customers. They provide leads and resources to their sales teams. When they collect and analyze customer feedback through surveys, reviews, and interviews.

Demand generation teams help content marketers in understanding the outlook and needs of their brand’s customers.

Demand Generation and Lead Generation- The Difference

The aim of both is to build a relationship when the prospective customers move through the conversion funnel. However, there is a significant difference between demand generation and lead generation.

  • Demand generation is a data-driven process to convert strangers into prospective buyers. It is done by creating awareness and demands about your product and brand, expanding the audience, and driving traffic to convert their interest into action. The ways of doing that are creating leadership content and developing content journey maps.
  • Lead generation involves sharing the strategic content with brand-aware prospective buyers so that they get converted into qualifying leads. And they move lower in the funnel. The ways of doing that are webinars, white papers, and videos.

Purposeful Content Creation

Marketers are expected to produce highly diverse content to reach customers through various channels. The content could be white papers, webinars, articles and blogs or videos, social media, and so on. Each type of content should be made to attract a particular persona of buyers. It helps marketers to get the best return on investment.

Creating quality content is time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to be particular about every piece of content created. According to experts, content should be crafted to meet the requirements of customers at all stages of buying funnel.

  • Early stage: What is my problem and how to solve that?
  • Middle stage: Which solution is the best for me?
  • Later stage: How can I resolve the concerns and finalize the deal?

When the content is designed to answer these questions, it not only satisfies the customers but goes a long way toward fulfilling the demand that has been built by the marketing team.

Where the content marketers and demand generators meet?

Experts say that content marketers are storytellers. But there is no use if there are no ears to hear the stories.

When there is high-quality content, it has to be a part of every piece of marketing. So, it makes content marketing an integral part of demand generation and in turn, lead generation. Without high-quality content, it is tough to generate demand.

The team that handles demand generation can provide real-time insights and feedback about the content. What kind of stories exist, and do prospective customers respond to best? They also work to influence the market so that demand can be generated in markets where it exists little or doesn’t exist at all!

If both demand generation and content marketing teams are driven by a common plan, they can build customer loyalty and create strong bottom lines.

Since each prospective customer is not ready to convert immediately, it is important to use the blend of these two strategies. They operate at different levels in the marketing funnel. Therefore, their success metrics are unique.

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