Demand Generation Strategies for Tech Companies

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August 7, 2023
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Proven Demand Generation Strategies for Tech Companies

When you are a business owner, you always want to expand it to maintain profitability. For that, you use varied tactics, among which Demand Generation is also one.

It is a powerful tactic that has been helping industries, especially the tech sector. It revolves around bringing an unending stream of sales opportunities that your sales team is required to develop.

Before we get into some of the best and the most efficient demand generation strategies for tech companies, it is essential to know what Demand Generation is.

In its real essence, Demand generation is all about creating awareness and requirements for your product or service in the market. Your demand generation strategy does the following things:

  • It puts a word out there about your product or service.
  • It creates excitement about it.
  • It leads to customer interest.
  • It helps in lead generation.

It is very much important to understand that it is impossible to get a lead or potential customers if your service or product is unknown.

So, when you are a tech company and you have launched a new service or product, it is imperative to develop the interest of customers and you need to create product awareness.  You also need to understand that in the tech industry, your clients are B2B clients.

Your clients are enterprises that will take time and they will do in-depth research before becoming potential leads.

Since we have understood Demand Generation, now it is time to understand demand generation for tech companies.

First, build the trust

One of the most attractive, useful, and straightforward demand-generation strategies is to build trust among your future customers. Offering free trials, services, or resources could be one way of that. It may include giving free trials or whitepapers so that buss can be generated.

When you offer free trials for a limited period, it will help you understand the needs and want of your customers. Thus, you can create sufficient awareness in the segment. Since the trial period is very short, there is no risk of product or service exploitation.

Make use of technology

Since you are in a tech business, there is nothing unusual for you to make use of technology. Nowadays, there are several avenues in the form of Customer Relationship Management solutions. They can also be customized according to your product needs.

What is the benefit of using these technology-based solutions? They help you to interlink the entire customer sales journey starting from customer acquisition to customer churn. It also helps in identifying the critical points of demand generation. By knowing potential segments for demand generation tactics and the best ways of converting them into quality leads, you can take the business to new heights.

Create useful content to leverage inbound marketing

Creating helpful content is a highly impactful method of demand generation. Your tech product can be greatly benefited by creating helpful content. Not only it keeps the audience engaged, but also drives awareness in the target market segment. Some examples of quality content are tutorials, videos, and product reviews. It is possible to create a great buzz and a boost in demand with that.

Referral and affiliate programs for increased sales

When it is said that demand generation strategies are all about putting the word out there about your product, service, or brand and using the created buzz to generate qualified leads, you can leverage it further by using affiliate programs and referrals.

There is a positive effect of the affiliate referral program, your existing customers feel incentivized to create a buzz about your services and products. Also, the engagement gets intensified, and your customers bring qualified leads down the line.

Thus, your customer quality also goes up.

And you should not forget that the reward is not always monetary. It could be a service upgrade also.

Arrange an event

Nothing is more effective than personal interaction. Yes, you need to arrange an event to engage your potential customers. The type of event can be anything, a seminar, a product demo, or a meet-and-greet event.

If it is not possible to arrange it in person, then the path of digital interaction can be chosen. Arrange a webinar or digital meeting with an industry expert.

Which channel will be right for you? Well, it depends on where most of your customer segment is. Which channel will be more effective? One that reaches out to maximum people.

Use of Chatbots

Yes, it is the time to leverage new technology. You need to deploy a chatbot to stay connected with your customers. With the development in AI and intensive market research, you can have chatbots to answer queries and create customer interest by providing customized responses to them.

These tools are easy to deploy.

By following this proven demand generation strategy, a tech company can get quality customers and business.

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