Is your brand loyalty declininginto stagnation? Are your customers unhappy? Who is to blame – customers, competitors, industry trends, or yourself?

While many factors contribute to declining customer loyalty and satisfaction, the two major factors are gaps in understanding your customer needs and failures in building valuable relationships. aMarketForce can help you with both.

We offer confidential survey services that help companies understand the reasons for dissatisfaction. aMarketForce designs and executes statistical end-to-end surveys and analyzes the collected data, producing valuable information that you may have missed.
Focused on researching, analyzing and compiling survey results, aMarketForce’s market research team can provide clients with individualized survey feedback and findings that are essential to many business decisions. It allows our clients to change course and focus on key areas that are critical to their customers.

Our survey services include:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer loyalty surveys
  • Customer opinion surveys
  • Product/Service evaluations

Survey execution methods:

  • Phone
  • Online
      • Website


      • Social Media


aMarketForce uses myriad survey assessment methods to collect raw data, achieve high response rates and guarantee statistically correct results.

Outlining the aMarketForce survey process:

  • Define survey goals
  • Design survey process
  • Determine survey questions
  • Database sampling, segmentation and management
  • Set up campaign on survey execution tool
  • Pilot campaign execution
  • Survey execution
  • Survey data collection and analysis
  • Survey report and evaluation



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