Thirty percent of your list gets outdated every six to twelve months.
When did you last validate the lists?

Marketing and Sales databases are often filled with incorrect and out-of-date information for the sake of volume. Companies know how inefficient and cost-ineffective it is to dedicate the time of an experienced sales person to updating an inaccurate database.

Thirty percent of your list has a shelf life of three months. When did you last validate your lists?

It has been our experience that databases lose their accuracy at the rate of 30% per quarter. People move, relocate or change jobs and it is difficult for companies to track this movement timely. If you use a poor quality list for marketing and sales, you could unintentionally be starting out with a high miss rate right out of the gate. Moreover, if you send out emails to incorrect addresses, you could alert spam filters and can potentially be blacklisted. This is why a clean database is so important, and cleansing needs to be an ongoing process. Using our qualified lists can be a preventative approach to save your business both time and money.

Also known as database scrubbing, database validation is the process of identifying and removing incorrect entries in a database. The database can have inaccurate, incomplete, incorrectly formatted data, or duplicate entries.

What differentiates aMarketForce from other list developers is that our secondary research, is supplemented by calling each contact directly to verify the accuracy of our generated data.

The aMarketForce customer database scrubbing process:



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aMarketForce's customer database validation service will scrub clients' existing databases, replace incorrect contacts, update contact information, validate targets, and ensure a relevant and verified sales asset.

aMarketForce database validation services include:

  • Database cleansing
  • Database scrubbing
  • Database de-duplication
  • Database verification
  • Database formatting
  • Mailing list cleanup and append
  • Email verification and email appending
  • URL append
  • Phone number append
  • NAICS code append / SIC code append
  • CRM database cleansing and CRM data integration
  • Marketing database cleansing and integration

aMarketForce's skilled personnel handles the laborious tasks of validating, scrubbing, cleansing and updating clients' previous databases by researching relevant target companies and verifying their contact information by phone. We also help clients by importing and exporting customer/prospect databases in CRM.

Small and mid-sized companies have to rationalize their investment in database cleansing. Here are the reasons why a clean duplicate-free and up-to date prospect database is required by all marketing and sales teams:

Five reasons to invest in prospect database cleansing/scrubbing:

  • 50% reduction in sales prospecting time – shortens your sales cycle
  • 65% savings on resources from not pursuing the wrong prospects
  • High employee productivity
  • Easy database segmentation for multi-layered marketing campaigns
  • Increased ROI from sales and marketing campaigns

aMarketForce can be a valuable partner for keeping your marketing and sales databases updated and current. In addition to database validation services, aMarketForce also provides prospect database development and B2B lead generation.

Contact us to learn more about our B2B inside sales services and the other ways we can support your sales and marketing teams. Request a Quote for B2B inside sales and integrated marketing services.

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