Content Syndication: Where Things Go Wrong?

In our last blog Make no mistake: DOs and DON’Ts of Content Marketing, we gave you some tips on what to and what not to do while planning your content marketing strategy.


Strategies never work until they are actually implemented and your marketing efforts are in vain when your syndication leads do not convert. There can be only a few possible reasons why leads do not convert into sales and today we will discuss those scenarios in detail.

  • Targeting wrong prospects

Nothing can go right when you are targeting wrong prospects. You may be targeting too wide or too narrow. Clearly define your target prospects (Geography, Job Title, Company Size, Industry Type, etc.) to avoid mishaps later.

  • Using wrong content

It is very possible that prospects may come to your website or social profiles after reading syndicated content and do not clearly understand what you really do. You need to make sure that the educational and promotional marketing content that you use is very precise, informative and provides answers to most of prospect’s queries. Ideal content should engage the buyers, be consistent, fit to be promoted on multiple channels and must have clear call to action.

  • Not reaching decision makers

This is the typical scenario when your syndication vendor provides you with plenty of syndication leads but only a few actually convert into opportunity. Your sales team will make futile efforts to reach the contacts who are not decision makers. Ask your vendor to promote content to a fresh target audience (mostly decision makers) every time to keep delivering fresh and quality leads.

  • Over reliance on content syndication sites resulting in overspending

No vendor can guarantee that the prospect who downloads whitepaper will buy your services.  Over dependence on syndication sites will not only result in overspending but also will exceed your expectations for leads which in turn will hurt your marketing goals.

  • Neglecting tele-nurture option

Inbound marketing has been a great success these days but the hype that only inbound marketing is enough is not true. You need to create a proper marketing mix by using an array of outbound marketing (with tele-nurturing) and inbound marketing programs to boost your marketing efforts.  Tele-nurturing not only increases lead quality but also increases engagement.

  • Expecting too much with little input

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope. Fanciful expectations from your syndication campaigns can only hurt your marketing goals. You need a smart dedicated inbound marketing staff who can not only create new content but also repurpose existing content and syndicate it. Content marketing requires a lot of commitment and effort.

The real power of content syndication is miscalculated most of the times. An effective marketing mix of inbound and outbound programs is the only right approach towards marketing success.

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