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November 15, 2017
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Are you amongst entrepreneurs that scramble to bring more traffic to their website? Do you feel exhausted by trying every possible method to drive more traffic or increase the visibility or get more subscribers to the newsletter?

It is sure that you must have tried everything under the sun, expect content syndication! Yes, you will be amazed to know that you are not alone. The majority of people do not have absolutely any idea about what content syndication is and what immense power it contains?

Read the article word by word and get enlightened with the knowledge and understanding of this amazingly powerful content marketing tool. It is useful for progressive entrepreneurs.

  • Get familiar with the magic word content syndication first!

When you want to reap big profits by stepping into the world of digital marketing, there is no escape from learning new words and new technologies. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a term that you hear quite often. Well, it is nothing but a set of methods that helps in increasing the visibility of your website or webpage in the virtual world.

Amongst various techniques that can elevate the ranking of your website and bring it to the notice of maximum audience, content plays a pivotal role nowadays. Well-optimized, well-written content alone can do miracles. When you make it syndicated and disperse across thousands of media or news websites; the impact is just overwhelming. It is the power of Content Syndication. No wonder, every company wants to formulate effective syndication strategy to reap the benefits.

  • What all can be possible with Content Syndication?

Once you are finished with writing an impressive and informative content, do you think that everything is over? No, it doesn’t make sense if the content written by you does not reach to the audience it is intended to.

If the content written by you gets published to some authoritative websites and sufficient backlinks are created, then only you can expect a sufficient increase in the page ranking. Remember, you will get noticed by Google (and considered to be a trusted website) only when your website has PR Seven Backlink.

When content syndication experts look into content, they study the specific goals mentioned by you and put them together. Once the content is picked and shared by bloggers, it becomes viral soon, and your website gets attention pointed back due to the power of backlinks.

  • What content is the right candidate for syndication?

Experts say that the content has to be applicable and relevant to a widespread audience. When your content gets a sharing of the full spectrum of platforms, the possibility of it getting viral increases manifold.

When you hire a seasoned syndication expert company, it offers a fleet of world-class writers who can write articles specific to the target audience but at the time relevant enough to the top-rated bloggers in the virtual world.

You can expect incredible results once you find the right syndication service provider. It is a cost-effective way of content marketing. When the money is spent with the objective of reaching the top of Google ranking, the money spent is not extravagant indeed.

Content syndication works with the objective of converting readers into customers. However, it is needless to say that quality of content is critically important here also.

  • Lead Generation, the paradigm shift

Think about the conventional way of lead generation. Marketing people find a potential deal and handover it to the sales team. Gone are the days. Now, buyers have a plethora of avenues to do detailed research and analysis online. Using content resources, they learn a lot about a service or product much before they give a buzz to a sales executive. Hence, it is inevitable to have an impressive digital presence so that prospective buyers consider you while making a decision.

The conventional method of hiring space in a magazine, hoarding or exhibition stand to grabs the attention of buyers is called ‘rented attention’. Reports say that it loses effectiveness today as people do not pay attention to it. Instead, entrepreneurs create ‘owned attention’. It means they become a trusted advisor to the prospective customers by creating and publishing content that people find valuable and relevant. In the complex landscape of buying scenario, customers find the brand, product or service provider more reliable than others.

  • Generate Leads by using Content Syndication Model

Lead generation is the ultimate objective of any digital marketing initiative and how can Content Syndication be an exception to it? Experts praise it a low-effort-high-result model against the conventional marketing methods. Since lead generation is the game of proportion where the more people you contact, the higher is the possibility of generating leads.

However, the higher number of leads doesn’t always guarantee higher business always. Quality aspect is always important. When you use Content Syndication Model, the quality aspect is already taken care of. Thus, you start getting leads that are qualified by a B2B content marketing program. Therefore, you can expect higher business.

A robust syndication and lead generation model make it possible to work on leads that have been verified already. You know that the prospective buyers have shown interest in your service or product. Therefore, you can expect the marketing efforts to have a smooth take-off. In fact, syndication lends wings to your marketing campaign.

  • Make more people aware of your brand

When your content gets published by newsletters, content websites and other forums; you get immense visibility because it contains your name or your company’s name.  Marketing experts say that when something grabs the attention repeatedly, it creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Also, they consider the brand an authority in the niche. It is very likely that they recommend the brand to someone when asked.

Hence, include this useful and effective way of creating the brand image in the arsenal of digital marketing tools. The benefits are incredible.  The rules of the game are changing. Be a frontrunner in adapting to it as fast as possible.

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