Content syndication for technology industry

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How to turn data in to demand?
January 30, 2023
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February 27, 2023
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Content syndication for technology industry

Content syndication for the Technology Industry

Organizations put so much effort into content creation. They either develop in-house content or hire a development agency to generate precise, relevant, to-the-point content. They take care to post it on all possible platforms and ensure that it is optimized and it is SEO efficient as well.

However, at times, they realize that the effect is not as it is expected. Getting traffic is a common problem for marketers. And among several ways to boost it, content syndication stands out.

Why? It is because it is cost-effective, boosts brand awareness, and improves SEO performance.

You must remember that it happens only when you do it right. Otherwise, there is a risk of other publications will outrank your own content.

In addition to that, you may end up impacting the SEO performance negatively by choosing an incorrect website to syndicate on. What will you do to get the best benefit of this method? How will you avoid the drawbacks?

Content syndication is a method of making the tactic work best for your business.

Content Syndication is the method of republishing the same piece of content – whether it is an article, an infographic, a video, etc. on one or more different websites.  Both big and small publications like to syndicate content because it helps them give fresh information to their readers. The original authors also get benefited from this practice because they present their brand in front of a new audience. It’s a win-win situation for both.

What is Content Syndication?

Some people think that content syndication is the same as guest blogging, but it is not the case. A guest post is a completely new piece of content written for one publication specifically.

Syndicated content, on the other hand, takes the same piece of content and republishes it on other platforms with their permission.

If you are a reader, then you can easily tell if an article was syndicated or a guest post. In the case of syndicated content, there is a mention of the original source on the page. A typical publication mark that can be found on a syndicated text is “This article originally appeared in [Original publication + Link].” Or “This article appeared in [Original publication + Link] and has been published here with permission.”

It is an important mention not only for giving credit to the original author but also to avoid duplicate content issues.

Content syndication for Technology Industry

IT decision-makers help determine needs, make recommendations, evaluate solutions and vendors, and ultimately implement and manage new technology. Vendors influence technology companies or are left off the list of their recommendations.

While developing B2B content by expanding reach to a larger audience, content syndication leverages significant investment.

How to use content syndication successfully for technology companies?

Content syndication is like the dream for every content marketer that wants more exposure. It is important that one does it rightly. Why is it important?  It is because content syndication might be seen as duplicate content if it is not done in the right. Instead of giving benefits to the online reputation of the technology company, it can impact your SEO.

To avoid such situations, it is essential to look at steps that you can use to syndicate content successfully.

Create content, which is link-worthy

Content creation is the center point of your marketing. You can only syndicate content that is created by you. Plus, if you want to syndicate content on high-authority platforms, you must develop content of incredibly high quality. Some parameters that need to be focused on are quality, relevance, depth, and authority of the content.

Make sure it fulfills the needs of syndication platforms. It serves your goals and stands out on the websites.

Reach out to the right platforms

It is not enough to create good content. You have to syndicate it on the right platforms as well. For that, you need to observe publications first. The audience of the partner platform has to be larger than your own. They should be established as industry leaders.

Use appropriate methodologies for content syndication

You need to tell search engines that it is not plagiarized.  It will effectively tell the search engines that the page they’re crawling is a syndicated one, and not duplicate content. Some methods to denote that are rel=canonical tag, Meta noindex tag, and so on.

Regular backlinking

For marketers and distributors who have strict code implementation standards or are not savvy coders, the regular backlink is ideal. For such marketers, it is the most conducive option for this set of marketers.

In this method, the original post is backlinked from the syndicated post to allow only a snippet of it to be syndicated. Thus, the readers of the syndicated post are supposed to click on the link of the website to access the whole post.

You must evaluate the strategy to check its effectiveness. Improve it by refining the approach constantly.


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